Top Tips For Choosing The Perfect Kitchen Island Lighting

Top Tips For Choosing The Perfect Kitchen Island Lighting

If you have a kitchen island, you will want to make sure that it’s not only well lit from a functional perspective, but also that it looks striking. The island is often the centre point of a kitchen and choosing the right light fitting can make all the difference.

A recent article for Ideal Homes explored what sort of lighting you need over a kitchen island and how you can ensure that what you pick looks the part too.

First, you have to decide whether you want your island to predominantly be an area for tasks and food preparation, or if it’s more of a social space. This will dictate what kind of lighting solution you choose for this space. 

If it’s the former, you will more than likely want stronger lighting than if you’re aiming to create a space that’s more relaxed for socialising, for instance. 

Whatever option you choose, however, the news provider noted that it’s advisable to have a blend of overhead lighting and accent lighting. This will allow you to more easily set the mood in your kitchen space. 

A top tip for the likes of pendant lights that are suspended above islands is to choose a set of three, because this is visually pleasing as well as illuminating.

When it comes to task lighting, we recently shared some advice about how to get this right. In the kitchen, you need to make sure that you have good task lighting over your work surfaces and your hob in particular.

If you want some assistance with lighting design, get in touch with our experts to help select the right blend of task and accent lighting for your kitchen.