What Sets Us Apart

Supplier Relationships: As lighting specialists, we boast accounts with over 20 of the UK's premier suppliers. This enables us to curate a collection that blends innovation, quality, and style.

In-House Design and Manufacturing: Going beyond retail, Lumination is actively involved in designing, specifying, and manufacturing our own exclusive ranges. This ensures that our offerings stand out, providing you with unique and stylish lighting solutions.

Comprehensive Services: From repairs and refurbishments to bespoke lighting design services, we offer a comprehensive suite of services. Whether for residential or commercial projects, our expertise spans over 20 years, garnering a stellar reputation throughout the UK and beyond.

Lighting Design by Lumination

Personalized Approach: Our lighting design service is not just about technicalities; it's about aesthetics, mood, and individuality. We leverage our experience as a retail group to understand customer preferences, respond to trends, and offer versatile solutions.

Project Involvement: Ideally engaged well before the first electrical fix, our team optimizes lighting approaches and positions for your project. We work from drawings to present 2 or 3 different lighting designs for each room, identifying special opportunities to make your lighting truly unique.

Client Collaboration: We consult extensively with you, understanding your likes, dislikes, and vision for each space. This collaboration results in a draft design presented in both spreadsheet and annotated PDF formats.

Showroom Experience: We encourage clients to visit our showroom, where proposed fittings are showcased. This provides an immersive experience, allowing you to fully appreciate the options available.

Tailored Solutions for Every Project

  • New Builds

    Start thinking about lighting design early in your new build or extension project. With architect drawings, we can work off-plan to consider a wealth of lighting options well in advance.

  • Renovations

    For existing properties, our site visits help us understand your goals and constraints, allowing us to develop tailored lighting plans before or after renovation commencement.

  • Garden Lighting

    Illuminate your garden to extend your enjoyment into the night. Our lighting schemes enhance the beauty of your garden, whether for effect or practical use.

  • Commercial Lighting

    From care homes to restaurants, we offer expert guidance on lighting for various commercial spaces. Our expertise includes the latest in LED lighting technology.

  • Residence Lighting

    Tailoring options to reflect your personality, our residence lighting design aims to provide warmth, elegance, and a plan that complements your current design.

  • External Lighting

    Whether public or private, we consider all aspects of external lighting, from wall lights to water features, to create a balanced and impactful exterior space.

The Design Process

Desk Study: We start with a study of drawings, photographs, and relevant material.

Draft Plan: Based on available material, we create a draft plan.

Consultation Meeting:We incorporate discussions and preferences into a revised plan.

Revised Plan: We start with a study of drawings, photographs, and relevant material.

Presentation:A spreadsheet and annotated drawing summarizing lighting for each room and recommended fittings are presented.

Cost Recovery: An automatic trade discount on purchases helps recover part or all of the design fee.

  • Send Us Drawings

    Share PDF format drawings or images for assessment.

  • Contact Us

    Call 01823 618641 or email sales@lumination.co.uk for a design services cost quotation.

  • Sign Up

    Once payment is made, work is scheduled to commence.

  • Send Us Drawings

    Working from your drawings, we present annotated drafts for discussion and amendment.

  • Spreadsheet

    A budgeted spreadsheet summarizes the proposed lighting scheme.

  • Purchase

    When ready to purchase, benefit from our best possible project discount to recover design service costs.

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