Designer Lighting

At Lumination, our expertise lies in designer lighting, offering an extensive array of options to craft bespoke lighting solutions tailored to your unique needs. Whether it's adapting to the individual features of architect-designed properties, such as vaulted ceilings or double-height entrance halls, our designer lighting solutions accentuate architectural elements with finesse.

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Staircases come in a variety of designs, each with its own characteristics - from single winder to multiple winder, with or without landings, and single or double turns. Our specialized knowledge ensures that we tailor our lighting solutions to suit the specific design of your staircase. For longer drop fittings positioned adjacent to the banister, we meticulously consider drop lengths ranging from 2.0m to 4.0m or even longer. Precision is key – shorter drop lengths are crucial if the light fitting is directly over the landing or banister, preventing interference during staircase use. With designer lighting, we transform this unique space into a standout feature of your home.

Modern residences often feature grand double-height entrances adorned with vaulted ceilings. Lumination excels in creating bespoke long drop fittings that enhance the grandeur of such spaces, ensuring they make a striking impression from every angle – both above and below. Our installations have soared to heights of up to 10m, enabling us to design fittings tailored specifically to the spatial and locational requirements. Popular choices include the helix style, where light heads cascade down in a mesmerizing spiral design, or the random style, with light heads dispersed throughout, creating captivating visual patterns. While vaulted ceilings may pose challenges for standard fittings, our extensive experience in designer lighting empowers us to design or adapt fixtures according to your unique space and configuration.

A prevailing trend in contemporary interior design is to extend the designer lighting theme throughout the property, echoing the style of dramatic feature pieces. For instance, designer lighting in the stairwell can be mirrored on the landing, in the kitchen over the island, in the dining room, or through wall lights and table lamps, creating a cohesive aesthetic throughout the home.

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