Sick and tired of that dull overhead lighting that you cannot seem to change throughout the day? With a lampshade that has a pleasing aesthetic and appropriate practicality, update the décor of your room. From the traditional drum shades to playful pendants, we are known for our ability to bring a much-needed character to a room, turning unfriendly light into a friendly one.

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A lamp is only dressed when it has the right lampshade

Lampshades come in many sizes shapes and colours and for every lamp there is a right lampshade. In sizing a shade there are some guidelines to help you get the right selection. If you consider the height of the base from the base to the lampholder then this height can as a start match the bottom diameter of the shade. As a rough guide this will help you make a selection with the bottom diameter being the principle dimension. After that then shape colour and style will all play a part in determining which is the right shade for your table lamp, floor lamp or other application.

We off soft shades which are fabric covered inside and outside and which are considered the quality end of the product range using polycotton fabrics which will give 10 to 15 year life. At the other end are the hard backed shades which are in general fabric covered pvc available in a wide range of colours and limited sizes. Some lampshades have fixed frames whilst other require a separate shade carrier to set the lampshade at the correct height for the lamp base.

We carry a diverse range of classic and modern lampshades, with sizes from 5.5" candle shades up to 22" floor stand shades. With Cream and Champagne in all styles we have numerous colours in our popular pleated empire range. In addition we have a number of ranges of hard backed shades. In addition we can an extensive selection of shade accessories. We tend to stock up well with our lamp shades as we always want to make sure there is something everyone. We stock a vast amount of styles, colours, shapes, fittings, sizes and all within a suitable price range.

Breathe New Life into Your Lamp: How to Select The Right Lampshade

Who wants to give a style and ambience to their homes? Are you on the lookout for excellent lampshades? Then check out Lumination, where we have this wonderful collection! We have all kinds of lampshades to fit whatever your personal preference and lighting requirements wishes are, and this includes the traditional drum or empire kind of lampshade or maybe a more exotic-looking lampshade that you would identify as retro.

Unveiling the Perfect Light:

Lampshade Frames UK: Choose lampshades of different materials, colours, and patterns from this beautiful collection of premium lampshades. We also provide replacement swing arm shades for self-installation or if you wish to change the shade on your current lamp.

Bedroom Lampshades: Develop a relaxing mood for your bedroom lighting using the smooth glow of our leaf-shaped lampshades. Mount on a bedside table or dresser lamp of your choice from a variety of sizes and designs.

Black Lampshades: A black lampshade is another choice that may visually pop out from the rest and offer a modern-looking product to clients. Ideal to use in contemporary houses as a way to add a modern look to the living space.

British Lampshades: Complete the look of your furniture with the subtle touch of British design work displayed in our handmade lampshades. Cameron’s collection is nothing but elegance and class, with each item signifying uniqueness and excellent job.

Glass Lampshades: To give a little extra touch to the elegance of the bathroom, one can place a beautiful glass lampshade. Ideal for placement in the living room or dining room since the presence of such a fireplace would be inevitable.

Lampshade for Table Lamp: Below, peruse our wide array of table lamp shades, which are crafted exclusively for the said product category. Browse through our extensive collection of shades to capture the right dimensions and design that would best fit your current lamp base and match your desk or side table accessory.

Lampshades for Ceiling Lights: Add the finishing touch to your ceiling lights with our designer lampshades range. We have a number of options that are compatible with the amenities in your home so as to ensure that you are provided with warm lighting for all areas in your home.

Vintage Lampshades: Pack a modern-day dose of glamour with our range of genuine vintage lampshades. Some of these screened designs include: We also have a collection of several special designs that will give character to a room or an area.

White and Gold Lampshade: A white and gold type of lampshade should give you a unique look and feel that is, at the same time, classic and elegant. It can be used as carpet or flooring for your office space, kitchen area, living room, or even in your bedroom.

Shop with Confidence:

At Lumination, we are dedicated to seeing you enjoying your lampshades of the highest quality at the best prices in the market. We keep stock of many unique lamps. Besides offering prompt customer service, you are certain you can enhance your home by using the most attractive lamp shade.

Once here, you are welcome to explore the collection and find a lampshade that will help you implement your vision!

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