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Say goodbye to those shadows and brighten up your style! Wall picture lights bring life to your artwork, add beauty to your decor, and convert any wall into a gallery. Look no further; our site will help you find your other half today!

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Bring your artwork to life with effective Picture lighting

Pictures are an important feature of most homes and these days a gallery wall for favourite pictures is a popular choice. Ensuring these treasured items are well-lit is key to their presentation and your enjoyment. Your favourite picture or piece of artwork deserves good lighting. Any picture or painting will benefit from the right lighting, and using effective picture lighting will make that special piece a key feature of your room.

Picture lights add light and bring out the picture colours and texture. At Lumination, we understand how to light your pictures effectively, and here, we show a wide selection of traditional type picture lights in a range of sizes and metal finishes.

Positioning the picture light will be important. This will normally be central to the picture and angled slightly downwards from above, providing a wash of light across the picture's surface. Warm light will generally present well, so using 2700k to 3000k will be ideal for the colours to present at their best.

In addition to the conventional type of wall light, there are other ways to effectively light pictures, and at Lumination, we often use deep swivel-type ceiling lights to present pictures at their best. Lighting from above and from the ceiling, and then being able to swivel the light source accurately, will give the very best effect and bring your artwork to life.

Illuminate Your Walls with the Perfect Picture Light

Bring a pleasant touch of style and light to those extraordinary photographs and paintings by ordering our amazing picture lights! Do you have a black picture light on your wish list, or are you looking for a more modern brass picture light? No matter what you do, Lumination has all the suitable lighting options to put the spotlight on your precious artwork.

Use picture wall lights to draw attention to particular art items. Our collection includes polished or plated LED picture lights to give your room a sleek finish or battery-operated picture lights for maximum convenience. Our battery picture lights do not require any fixing to the wall; slip them over your photos or art pieces and illuminate them wherever you want on the wall.

Unleash your creativity! Discover what style of striking lighting for pictures on the wall you are looking for, whether you are looking for a simple picture light for softer lighting of the art or have found the picture that you want an accent to go with it. It’s never been simpler to put lights onto pictures—browse our range of picture wall lights or LED lighting for pictures to find the ideal product for your purposes.

Explore our extensive range and discover the following

Imagine different types of Picture lights and the sources from which they come: Black, brass, and many others.

Some of the more unique finds in the Christmas 2006 issue include battery operated picture lights that are easy to place around.

LED picture lights are perfect for bringing bright, energy-saving picture lighting into your room.

Think of the picture wall lights as a perfect fit for the elegant gallery wall.

Shop with confidence: Lumination has a stock of picture lights of the highest quality available in various designs to meet customers' prices and preferences. Use these light up pictures to illuminate photographs or change the tone of your ambiance.

Begin shopping right now and get the perfect light solution for pictures!

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