Surface Spotlights

The surface spotlights add such brightness to any space. Use narrow, clear beams to frame artwork, paths or any architectural element you want to emphasize. Simply decide on the style and colour that will best suit your home.

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Interior Surface Spotlights are versatile and flexible

Surface spotlights are just as they say mounted directly onto the wall or ceiling surface from where they direct light according to their orientation and adjustment. Surface spotlights can be used as central light fittings with a cluster being spread to direct light around the room. They can be bar lights so more linear in arrangement but equally swivelling to allow directional preference.

By using fittings or lamps which facilitate dimming will give an added measure of control over the light output so then the lights are much more flexible than might be otherwise. Surface spotlights can equally be used on the wall, on top of roof trusses on the apex of a vault or in any number of other ways. The GU10 lamp was for many years the favoured light source, but with the advent of LED now the choice is for LED GU10 lamps or as is becoming more popular the integrated LED spotlight.

Illuminate Your Space with Style: Interior Surface Spotlights for Every Room

Get gorgeous surface spotlights for your home today! Surface-mounted spotlights are a flexible option compared to recessed lighting and are extremely simple to install while giving interiors a contemporary look.

Targeted Light, Maximum Impact:

Surface lights and surface-mounted spotlights are ideal for directing cones of light in the desired areas.

Appreciate artwork, set a romantic mood above your dining table or display your favourite bookshelf – the uses do not stop here.

Find the Perfect Fit:

The wide selection is that the LED surface spotlight is characterized by energy-saving performance and long service life.

We offer a number of options to complement your home, from contemporary to traditional.

A Surface Spotlight for Every Room:

Light up the centre of your living room with surface lights for the living room placed in specific areas.

Add more surface lights for the kitchen to boost the functionality of the room wherever they are installed.

Ensure that your bedroom remains comfortable with surface lights.

Take your lighting outside with these modern surface spotlights for balcony.

Wall surface spotlights are perfect for adding a dramatic highlight to any wall in your home.

Effortless Installation:

Ceiling surface-mounted spotlights are easier to install than recessed lighting because you do not have to cut into your ceiling to install these fixtures.

Now, Stop by our selection today and find the ideal surface spotlights to enhance your home’s lighting!

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