Floor Lamps

You no longer have to put up with overhead lighting that is so uninteresting and dull. Did someone say boring? All you need to lift the mood is a floor lamp!

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Floor lamps are a natural design statement

Floor lamps are an integral part of the interior design of your living space and they offer the opportunity to make a design statement alongside more conventional furnishings. A floor lamp positioned appropriately can resolve lighting issues perhaps a darker corner of the room or a place in shadow will be transformed by adding a suitable floor lamp. With so many styles and configurations a floor lamp will add an artistic theme all of its own just as you might add artwork or a favourite piece of furniture.

There are different categories of floor lamp, such as the task lamp where you may be seeking better quality light for carrying out work like sewing and puzzles or for reading. The Adonis range offers extra bright task light using a detachable LED head and an extra high power rating of 6w. Another style is the 'mother and child' multi purpose floor lamp which gives both task lighting and ambient lighting for the room with both usually operated by dimmer control. A further category is the decorative floor lamp being used for adding an additional design flair to the room whilst providing useful light.

Types of Floor lamps UK

Give your home a boost from within out of our splendid and purposeful UK floor lamps and uniquely enhance your living space.

Floor lights for living room: This selection includes various floor lamps suitable for raising the comfort level and home-likeliness of the living room. These lamps come in numerous designs, ranging from contemporary minimalistic styles to more classical, elegant looks.

Floor lights: Our floor lights are beautiful to look at and provide light, and they make the place look and feel so welcoming.

Floor lamp with a fan: If you’re looking for something to help you keep cool on hot summer days, check out our floor lamps with fans. It is comfortable in those lamps, especially during the hot summer days.

Black floor lamp: A black floor lamp can add a sleek and striking focal point to your room. Although black floor lamps are designed specifically to be placed on the floor, they are universal in design and can match most interior designs.

Tripod floor lamp: Lend your home a mid-century modern look with a tripod floor lamp, which is in demand now. Tripod floor lamps feature a stunning and practical design and should, therefore, be incorporated into every interior.

Gold floor lamp: Add a touch of glamorous with gold floor lamps. Gold floor lamps come with a touch of chic as their use in lighting will give your room a touch of glamour.

LED floor lamp: These lamps come in LED, which makes us guarantee that they are both energy efficient and will tend to have a longer life than most other lamps. It can be recommended for users who want to reduce their energy bills.

Wooden floor lamp: If you want to feel surrounded by nature while in your room, you can use wooden floor lamps. It is better to opt for wooden floor lamps because they can give a warm and welcoming feeling when incorporated into a house.

Floor standing lamp: Floor-standing lamps are also available here and can be used to increase light in our rooms. It has a wide range of designs and models for you to select from depending on their intended usage.

Therefore, if you need floor lamps, Lumination Lighting is the place to be since we supply you with all the floor lamps you need. Our product range is also diverse, so we can provide different styles, finishes, and even sizes that you prefer. You are welcome to shop the designed and tested floor lamps in our store to enhance the lighting in your home.

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