LED Lamps

Shed the drab and say yes to the dazzling! Install LED lamps in your home to improve the interior. Experience bright and clean light with high energy efficiency and longevity of up to several years. Get to illumination in an environment-friendly manner.

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LED Lamps - The source of light

Where would we be without light ? In many ways we take light for granted, but lighting technology has changed dramatically from the original filament to the now state of the art LED. The lamp is crucial in lighting, it is what which provides the lumens needed to brighten your home, garden, property or object. There are all shapes, sizes and caps which are used for a variety of reasons; including: design, brightness, wattage, fixture size and annual cost.

The advent of the LED lamp has transformed the subject of lighting and we now have more options and more control over lighting that at any time in the past. The starting point is light colour with domestic lighting ranging from 2700k to 6000k. This is the measure of warmth of the light with 2700k being somewhere near to the old tungsten or halogen lamps to the sharpness of 6000k which is getting closer to daylight. In an average home there will be 3000k used in bedrooms, living rooms and hallways and 4000k used in the kitchen, bathroom and utility room.

LED Lamp options are also in terms of enclosure colour with opal, clear, amber and smoke being readily available.

The retro styled LED filament is a modern lamp but with a design reminiscent of the old style Edison filament lamps of the past. It has proved to be exceptionally popular and thus we have a broad range for all applications.

How LED lamps can brighten up your world while conserving energy at the same time.

Our wide variety of LED lamps can help you upgrade your lighting system today! If you are interested in today’s polished and sleek LED ceiling lamps or the more practical LED desk lamps, we have a full range of choices for your home or office.

Experience the LED Difference:

Energy Efficiency: LED lamps consume at least 80% less electricity than incandescent lamps, which means that you have the opportunity to save a good amount on your electricity bill.

Long Lifespan: Get long-life LED lamps that are capable of providing several times the service time of conventional bulbs.

Environmentally Friendly: To minimize your effects on the environment, get LED lamps with less of this dangerous chemical mercury, and that is more reusable.

Versatility: Choose from many options for LED lamps, be it for floor standing lamps for general illumination, desk lamps for specific working conditions, nail lamps for conducting manicures, or artificial plant lamps for your indoor plants.

Discover Our Wide Range of LED Lamp Options:

LED Floor Lamps: Bask in soft light from your living room or bedroom with a sleek LED floor lamp that complements the room.

LED Desk Lamps: Improve efficiency in your office environment with highly bendable and luminescent desk lights featuring an LED light.

LED Nail Lamps: These brilliant and efficient LED nail lamps get salon-like results back at your home.

LED Growing Lamps: Give a boost to your indoor garden to blossom with a particular LED growing lamp used for growing indoor plants.

LED Wall Lamps: Acquire the best out of today’s LED technology by installing modern wall lamps in your room.

LED Table Lamps: Sculpt a welcoming environment and bring functional décor to your bedside and workspace with a decorative LED table lamp.

LED Downlight Lamps: PermLight or simply general lighting using an LED downlight lamp for the focused task.

LED Bulb Replacements: Change the older bulbs to new, energy-efficient LED bulbs where you currently have existing fixtures.

LED Outdoor Lamps: Spruce up your patio or porch area with stylish and functional LED outdoor lamps that are suitable for wet weather conditions.

Modern LED Ceiling Lamps: Upgrade your home with a luxurious yet affordable LED ceiling lamp as a staple of contemporary design.

Looking for something specific that is not presented here? To help you find the right LED Lamps for your particular need, you can reach out to our caring customer support.

To all those who are still using their old lamps, what are you waiting for? Switch to LED lamps today and light your home brighter.

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