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Under Cupboard Lighting- Tired of shadowy countertops? Banish the under-cabinet blues with bright, beautiful LED lighting. See what you're showing, preparing, and creating in perfect clarity!

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Kitchen under cupboard lighting is used where overhead cupboards are positioned, which may interfere with the travel of light from the ceiling source. Placing lights immediately above the work surface and on the underside of the cupboards will ensure clear, unrestricted lighting of the work surfaces. There are various types of light fittings available, including small surface or recessed spotlights, LED strip lights that can be sized and connected according to the space available, and bespoke made-to-measure LED strip lights. We recommend that the cupboard lights be wired back to the main light switch. In this way, the lights get used regularly as part of the overall lighting for the kitchen.

How to Help Your Kitchen Shine with the Best Under cupboard Lighting

Designing the ideal kitchen is more than looks and colors. Functionality is important, though, especially concerning workspace lighting arrangements. At Lumination, we provide a full line of kitchen undercupboard lighting products – which can also be referred to as kitchen cabinet lights and kitchen under cabinet lights. These solutions do away with the shades created by the overhead cupboards, creating ideal task lighting over your counters.

Enhanced Functionality Meets Style

It appears that our under kitchen cabinet lighting and under cabinet kitchen lighting are not only functional. It takes the physical design of your kitchen to the next level. These lights blend into your worktops and help make your house harmonious and well-designed.

A Wide Array of Options

We appreciate the fact that every kitchen is distinct in its own right. That is why when it comes to LED kitchen lighting under cabinets, we provide a vast range of products to meet your needs and style. If it is the contemporary look you are aiming for or even the traditional glamour you want to achieve, we have the right lighting for you.

Beyond Under Cabinet Lighting

Apart from under counter kitchen lighting and under cupboard kitchen lights, Lumination has a wide range of lighting options that will light up every nook and cranny of your kitchen. Visit our different categories of kitchen lighting options, kitchen ceiling lights, and pendant lights for a well-coordinated lighting design.

Wireless Convenience

To further convenience, there are also under cupboard kitchen light wireless models available. These exclude the need for complicated wiring connections, which makes them ideal devices for easy and fast connections.

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