Ceiling Lights

Improve your home’s lighting environment with our best ceiling lights that you won’t find anywhere else! No matter whether your quest is for traditional sophistication or contemporary brilliance, we have an impressive range of ceiling lights available on the web.

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Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lighting comes in many shapes and styles and with different designs to suit particular types of room. The chandelier is regarded by many as the most popular light fitting normally being multi-armed to give a greater light output and the presence for a feature of the room. Flush & Semi Flush fittings are growing in popularity in properties where ceiling height may not be as generous as in the past.

The idea of a lighting fitting being closer to the ceiling is more in keeping with open plan living where clients generally prefer an uncluttered look as compared with the chandelier style. Pendants serve an important role in introducing a stylish piece of lighting often over a table or kitchen island where a more directed light may be required. With some many pendants to choose from this is a great way to introduce something a little different into a room space.

Lanterns are ideal for the hallway, landing and entrance porch but they too can also be used in over island situations. Again available in numerous styles and finishes the choice is yours. Crystal lighting is a favourite from classic Czech crystal to modern design led LED crystal. There is something about the richness of colour diffusion with crystal looking equally good in sunshine daylight and artificial LED light. At Lumination we have the wealth of experience and expertise to help you make your selection and get it right first time. Don't hesitate to call us for advice we are always here to help.

Find the Right Type of Ceiling Light:

LED: Find out how you utilise natural daylight in your interior by browsing our LED ceiling lights. Get bright illumination that lasts for years while sprucing up your living space with contemporary looks that are sure to turn heads.

Flush: When going for a more sleek and minimalist look, you would like to keep the ceiling within your home as open as possible, and that is where our flush ceiling lights come in. It is ideal for rooms with small ceiling heights or where the distance from the floor to the ceiling is short.

Task Lighting: Make kitchen ceiling lights and bathroom ceiling lights to shine light in areas that are most needed in the kitchen or bathroom.

Light Up Every Room:

Living Room Luxury: Check out this beautiful collection of stylish ceiling lights for your living room and make your living room more welcoming.

Bedroom Bliss: Create this kind of atmosphere that is refreshing and calming in your bedroom with our bedroom ceiling lights.

Modern Marvels: Browse through our modern ceiling lights catalogue to give your home a fresh dollop of style and sophistication.

Shop by Style and Color:

Timeless Black: These black ceiling lights will add a stylish statement to the house or business.

Golden Touch: You can create a positive impression by using our gold ceiling lights.

Additional Considerations:

Low Ceiling Solutions: Discover our low ceiling lighting collection and eliminate any space concerns with lighting options that fit any small area.

UK Focused: In addition, we have numerous types of ceiling lights in the UK to ensure that everyone's lighting in his home complies with the laws of the UK.

Let Lumination Be Your One-Stop Shop for Ceiling Lights:

This guide will allow you to find the right ceiling light for the house and enjoy the beauty and comfort it provides. Products can be searched by style, function or even area of usage to help you locate the commodity you require quickly. Now, with a wide range of energy-saving options as well as the modern vogue, it offers the most suitable types of lighting for every room.

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