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PIR + Security Lighting

Automatic lighting for security purposes are paramount for the home. Whether you want to illuminate your path at night or signal intruders on your property, PIR sensor lights are the obvious choice. Additionally, you'll be able to find our PIR sensor lights in a range of styles, shapes and finishes meaning they will look great to the outside deign of your home. Lumination offer the best range of PIR sensor lights, security lights in modern or traditional finishes so that you'll be safe and secure at home.

The Best Location for PIR Lighting.

PIR and motion sensor lights dominate the security sector but are becoming more commonplace in the home. It's often the case that our customers look for PIR ceiling lights allowing for seamless lighting within the home as you move from room to room, although many homeowners look to have PIR lighting for their outdoor + garden solution. As the outside of the home does not usually feature ceilings, there is large demand for PIR wall lights and PIR floodlights. These usually have a good impact on the general appearance of your home. Types of bulb for PIR lighting

You will want to consider the bulb type for PIR and outdoor lighting, as the can have an impact on both the cost of the light itself and the cost of your electricity.

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PIR Wall Motion Sensor Lights

PIR Motion Sensor Lights

Our range of outdoor pir motion sensor wall lights help to improve security and safety around the exterior of your property. These types of lights are perfect for lighting the front, rear and sides of your property giving you peace of mind when you step outdoors at night. With heat and movement sensering, they are the ideal way to light a dark area during the night. PIR sensor lighting can be wired in such a way as to provide a manual override so you can select either PIR function or manual switching which is especially useful for the patio or entertaining area. We have many to select from and we offer secure and FREE UK mainland delivery on orders of £50 and over.

Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights

Our motion sensor lights and PIR lights are ideal for providing that added security to the home at night. They will detect movement over a range of distance and in some cases have adjustable settings. This means the light will be activated when needed and then will automatically extinguish after a preset time, making for a very efficient light source. In addition this limit to duration is in keeping with bat and wildlife protection provisions meaning the least intrusive solution to lighting the exterior.

Motion and PIR lights can be used to welcome visitors as they arrive in the driveway , as they walk the entrance path and as they arrive at the front door. PIR lights give added security and offer safety to the visitor.

In addition to the integral PIR we also offer separate PIR switches which can be installed to control one or more external lights. So for example several lights across the front of the property can all be controlled by a single PIR switch which is mounted in the most useful position in the same circuit as the lights. This combined with an override function means the outdoor lights can either be set to come on through movement or be switched on manually.

If you have any questions about our outdoor lighting range then we have experts standing by and ready to help. Call us on 01823 618641 and we will be happy to help in any way we can.

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