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Transform your space with elegant, shimmering ceiling pendant lighting! This accessory forms the most visually interesting and individual piece of jewellery one could own. They are designed especially for kitchens, islands and any other place that yearns for a splash of brilliance.

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Interior Pendants Lighting

Introduce a stylish feature pendant light

Ceiling pendants have become a widespread approach to lighting over the kitchen island , over the dining table and in some cases as bedside hanging lights at low level. The popularity of the open plan living space means the kitchen island or the peninsular are places where pendants are at there best adding a touch of design to this important feature of the room.

Available in glass or metal there are a wealth of designs to appeal to every taste and design interpretation. Fully adjustable pendants can be positioned according to individual requirements according to the ceiling height and the way they are to be used. For a kitchen island or a dining table the most popular arrangement is for 3 pendants in a row either mounted individually or on a bar.

At Lumination we will combine individual pendant lights into near any configuration you require and as a result you will have your own unique piece of lighting. Pendant lights come in a vast number of shapes, sizes and styles. We can help you select from the 100's of designs available.

Our outstanding Pendant lights will brighten up your space in style

Pendant lights are actually very functional and very modern lighting fixtures that can suit a number of home fixtures such as kitchen and dining areas, bedrooms and bathrooms.

We offer a wide variety of pendant lighting styles to choose from, including:

Black pendant light: Black pendant light is a perfect addition to a more formal setting or if you want to create some dramatic feeling in the room. Black is the conventional colour that can be paired with any kind of existing décor.

Glass pendant light: Glass pendant lights are suitable for creating focus, light, and elegance in any given space. Available in different sizes and shapes, it is easy to mark them to suit specific needs and personas.

Kitchen pendant lighting: Another common type of kitchen light that can be used is pendant lights; this helps provide task lights over the counters and in the sink. They can also be used in an ashing to create a warm and welcoming environment.

Bathroom pendant lighting: Another way pendant lights can be applied is in bathrooms, where they serve to light up counters and reflective surfaces such as vanities. It is available in different types of waterproof and hence can be easily fitted into place within your bathroom.

Ceiling pendant lights: They are fitted on the ceiling and emit light in a downward direction; literally, they are hung from overhead. They are perfect in cases where the light is needed for a specific area or if used to provide an accent or feature in the room.

Brass pendant lights: Brass pendant lights also give the space a feeling of opulent luxury and increase the level of warmth of the area. Brass is a timeless metal that can fall into the background while still working with a large number of interior design concepts.

Hanging pendant lights: These are a less common type of pendant light fixture, and in this type of light fixture, they hang from the ceiling by a cord or a chain. Some of the more popular models include hanging ones that you can easily attach to walls, as well as table ones, which can be put on tables.

So, whether you’re partial to a specific look or have very specific requirements in terms of the pendant lights you require, you can rest assured knowing that the perfect pendant will be available on our site.

However, it is also possible to buy pendant lights of different styles and designs at quite affordable prices. Depending on the size, the style, and the material, pendant lights can come for fairly cheap prices, or they can be rather expensive. Use the information found in this article and check our catalogue to select the best pendant light for your home.

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