Ditch the dull corners! Wall washer lights provide even more beautiful light all over your walls.

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Wall washers bring a plain wall to life

The wall washer has moved on with the introduction of LED, and now they offer a high-quality light solution for your home. A plain wall asks for decoration, which can be achieved by adding wall washers to give it interest and character through variation in reflected light levels. Our current range of wall washers offers a contemporary and subtle look, allowing the light effect to create an impact. Combined with ceiling-mounted lighting for layered lighting or on their own, they add an interesting dimension to your lighting design.

The wall washer allows you to move on from the traditional wall light and no longer be under pressure to match the ceiling light. The ceiling light and wall washer can work together but no longer need to match in style. Lighting a room from the reflected light of a wall washer gives a pleasing, subtle and no longer harsh light that might otherwise be apparent from a direct light source. Visit one of our branches or look online to purchase one of the best ranges of wall lights in the South West. Our range of wall washers incorporates a variety of styles and different finishes. Now featuring our latest LED wall washers - promoting a sleek and stylish feel.

Illuminate Your Home Like a Pro: Get Wall Washer Lights Now

Wall washer lights, sometimes called wall washer lamps or wall light washers, are beneficial light types that can be employed for various purposes. LED wall washer lights are used in residential and commercial arrangements because they offer efficiency and durability.

What are wall washer lights?

A wall washer light is a fixture that illuminates a wall using a vast angle of light in the upward or downward direction. This gives out a uniform glow that is useful when they want to bring out details on a wall, create a source of background lighting or put up a beam to draw attention to the artwork.

Different Styles of Wall Washer Lights

As mentioned earlier, many wall washer lights are available, all with special features.

LED Wall Washer Lights: LED wall washer lights are used in residential and commercial premises for the following reasons. First, they are energy efficient and durable and can be found in numerous colours and at various temperatures.

Linear Wall Washer Lights: Linear wall washer lights are a long, narrow fixture that will spread its light evenly onto the wall as required.

Rectangular Wall Washer Lights: Rectangular wall washer light fixtures can be used in various applications and are suitable for many uses.

Round Wall Washer Lights: Such round wall washer lights can complement any interior look and provide a high illumination level.

How to Use Wall Washer Lights

There are several methods through which wall washer lights can help enhance a space's features and increase its aesthetic appeal.

Highlight architectural features: Wall washer lights can be applied to the walls to light specific building parts like columns, beams or alcoves.

Create ambient lighting: Conversely, wall washer lights provide general lighting in a given room. It can be beneficial in an ample space or an environment with many people and things.

Showcase artwork: Certain wall washer lights can be effectively used to illuminate artworks. If you wash the wall with light, which you can achieve in a black theme, you get a powerful look for your art.

Wall Washer Lights from Lumination

If you need good quality wall washer lights, Lumination is the perfect place to look. There is a wide selection from which you can choose a desirable style for accomplishing the necessary task. Our wall washer lights are not very expensive in terms of energy consumption and can last a very long time, so you will surely get good value for your money.

Here is your chance to get the ideal lighting fix for your rooms per your desired style and theme. We encourage those interested in our wall washer lights to contact us at your earliest convenience.

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