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Light the Way to Style & Safety: Dull your stairwell lighting no more!

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Make the most of your space with bespoke lighting - Stairwell Lighting

Properties with a stairwell, high ceilings or vaulted ceilings need a piece of lighting which is complimentary in terms of shape and size. For modern designed homes the impressive entrance hall or staircase is the key feature of the home and fitting a designer piece of lighting to match is a priority for most clients. At Lumination we understand this need and we have a vast range of lighting designs to make the most of this important space. Using our bespoke service we are able to design a piece of lighting to near any size and drop. With 24 heads and 10m drop as our largest to date we have plenty of options and styles to make this the truly wow factor of your home.

Where the property has sloping or vaulted ceilings we have a design to suit. We use a large range of stock components to configure a design just for you and the space you have available. Just send us your drawings and we can design a piece of lighting and superimpose it so you have a simulation.

In addition to the bespoke services we also have a very wide range of ready made longer drop fittings which are ordinarily adjustable to the height you have available. Getting the proportions right is a priority so checking the dimensions against the drop you have and taking into account the width will lead us to selecting the right fitting for you. As we at Lumination are working on projects all the time we are well placed to give you guidance on what is appropriate for your space. We offer a free of charge service to help with such considerations. Just pick up the phone and call us and we will be glad to assist.

Available designs include classic crystal in a range of styles from traditional and classic to modern. We have a number of crystal options including Chinese K9 optical crystal and Czech fine crystal. For the latest fashion the combination of glass and LED filament lamps is probably the most successful product we have ever experienced and as a result we have one of the largest ranges available anywhere.

Illuminate Your Stairwell Lighting: Safety, designs & looks

Therefore, defining the perfect stairwell goes a notch higher than just steps. Lighting—Proper lighting can turn a boring wooden staircase into a beautiful and functional part of your home. You may need Staircase Lighting to enhance safety, add a dash of sophistication, or even cover an entire redesign job. Lumination has just the lighting solutions for you.

Safety First: Stairwell Lights at the end of every Step

Far from a mere styling tip, stairwell lighting is a definite must to ensure people’s safety. Lighting helps to avert slip-and-fall incidents in areas with limited illumination.

Long Drop Magic: Pieces for Loft-Type Rooms

Create an effervescent first impression with our long drop stairwell lighting UK. These splendid designs, such as Muska Helix, HYDRUS, Sagita and the Random series, act as centrepieces when decorating our house and inject theatrical glamour into the rooms.

Hanging Elegance: Pendant Lights give that extra class to any interior

Staircase chandeliers appear elegant and lend the building a more formal look. Our stairwell pendant lighting solutions include an extensive collection of pendant lights for stairwells, offering a selection of designs and surfaces to suit your home decor.

Light Up Your Vision: A Multitude of Stairwell Lighting Ideas

Browse through our range of ceiling lights for stairwells, including stylish, contemporary as well as traditional, and elegant. There are many options to optimize your vision, such as subtle recessed spotlights or attention-grabbing chandeliers.

Find Inspiration: Stairwell Lighting Ideas That Will Make You Say WOW

Need a spark? Discover more ideas for your stairwell lighting project here. Learn about the proper techniques in addressing the lighting solutions for your home for aesthetics, comfort, and functionality.

Illuminate Every Corner: More Great Concepts such as Stairwell Ceiling Lights

Below are the options for stairwell lighting we provide: hanging lights, ceiling lights, and pendants. Everything for stair construction, refinishing, or decoration that can make your staircase safe and attractive is here.

Let There Be Light: Lights and Lighting Ideas for Stairwells

Upgrade your staircase with unbeatable lighting. The Good: Our lighting ideas for stairwells will help you choose the best fixtures, positioning, and light source to create your preferred ambience.

The Perfect Perch: Pendant lights for stairwells

A pendant light for a stairwell is much needed and also has character. Regarding pendant types, we have many more necklaces, ranging from minimalistic to handmade ones, depending on the client’s preferences.

Make a Statement: Long Drop Stairwell Lighting

Our long drop stairwell lighting will leave an everlasting impression. These great pieces help initiate conversations, and they will be noticed by all who visit your residence.

Your Stairwell Awaits: Discover More about Our Lighting Solutions Now

Check out our complete selection of stairwell lighting and find out how you can enhance the space with proper lighting. Safety is our priority for all stairwell lighting needs; style follows, and functionality leads at Lumination.

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