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Lamps at Lumination are a customers favourite and because of this we stock a massive diverse range. There really is a lamp for any room, any building, any condition because of the shapes and sizes they come in. We stock large, small, desk, bedside table, floor, touch, lava, cost effective, LED, multi arm, adjustable and in all shapes, sizes and colours! Our stock is selected by our team of experts and specialists, picked from highly praised manufacturers and brands; this way we know we are only offering our loyal customers the best. Contact us today for anymore information about our lamps.

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Outdoor Floor & Table Lights

Take the inside outside with decorative table and floor lamps for your patio

Alongside the open plan living space which is now so popular, so to has outdoor living become an extension of that space. Glass bi-fold doors or sliding doors onto the seamless patio opens up the outdoor living space making this ideal for entertaining. Creating an inviting outdoor living space using outdoor table lamps and floor lamps is just such a way to add to the ambience and appeal. Outdoor table lights UK and outdoor floor lamps can be solar powered, rechargeable battery powered or main plug in. Outdoor floor lamps are generally main powered but some offer solar as well.

Buying online with Lumination is easy and secure, and for orders over £75, delivery is free of charge. Explore our best outdoor table lamps UK and garden table lamps now and take advantage of our generous sale promotions.

Outdoor table lamps come in a variety of options including solar table lights for outdoors, rechargeable battery powered table lights, and table lights with a main plug. Outdoor floor lamps are generally main powered, with some solar options available as well.

Create ambience with outdoor table and floor lamps

Outdoor living is becoming a norm here in the UK especially with the growth in glazed extensions pushing out into the garden so the line between inside and outside becomes less rigid. When we are designing lighting schemes for client now days we will always recommend taking power out onto the patio to facilitate outdoor living.

Outdoor table and floor lamps come in many shapes and sizes and are rated at least at IP44 to protect from ingress of water. Whether your lamp is solar, mains or battery powered it will offer the flexibility and the option to use your outdoor living space as an alternative to indoor living.

At Lumination we are helping clients to design their living space with lighting that makes the most of this important extension to the home. We stock a wide variety of garden table lights and outdoor LED table lamps to suit any style. We are always glad to help and advise so don't hesitate to call on 01823 618641 and an experience member of our team will be here to help.

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