These bold architect designed features need equally bold light fittings to provide both sufficient ambient light and a stylish presence.

For the stairwell much will depend on the design whether it is single winder, multiple winder, with or without landings, single or double turn etc. A single or double turn staircase may allow for a long drop fitting adjacent to the banister, in which case a drop from the top ceiling might be 2.0m to 4.0m or even longer. If the light fitting is immediately over the landing or bannister then a shorter drop will be needed to avoid interference when ascending or descending the staircase.

Popular architectural features today are the double height entrances often with a vaulted ceiling. Again impressive long drop fittings are needed which look good from all angles and in particular from both above and below. Having worked on installations up to 10m we are able to produce a fitting designed especially for the space and location. Very popular is the helix style where light heads cascade down the length of the fitting is a spiral design. As an alternative and to move away from the regularity of the helix is the random style with light heads spread throughout the length in no discernable pattern.

Vaulted ceilings can limit the choice of standard available fittings but at Lumination we have extensive experience so we are able to design or adapt according to the space and configuration required.

Especially popular is the LED filament lamp enclosed on glass which can be in a near endless range of configurations. With different glass shapes and colours, different cable colour lamp holder sets, different cluster head arrangements we offer light fittings up to 24 heads and beyond.

At Lumination we have long specialised in providing inspiring lighting for new installations and we hope our collection will inspire you. We are always happy to assist and all the above points are generalisations. We are happy to assist with any specific questions and will be glad to help you make the most of your feature lighting.

Some of the popular designs
are as shown below

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