Stairwell Brilliance: Staircases come in various designs - single winder, multiple winder, with or without landings, single or double turn. Our expertise ensures that we tailor our lighting solutions to the unique design of your staircase. For longer drop fittings adjacent to the banister, we consider a drop ranging from 2.0m to 4.0m or even longer. Precision matters – a shorter drop is essential if the light fitting is directly over the landing or banister to avoid interference during staircase use.

Double-Height Entrances and Vaulted Spaces: Modern homes often boast impressive double-height entrances with vaulted ceilings. Lumination specializes in creating bespoke long drop fittings, ensuring they look stunning from all angles – both above and below. Our installations have reached heights of up to 10m, allowing us to craft fittings designed especially for the space and location. Popular choices include the helix style, where light heads cascade down in a spiral design, or the random style with light heads spread throughout, breaking away from regular patterns. Vaulted ceilings may pose challenges for standard fittings, but our extensive experience allows us to design or adapt according to your unique space and configuration.

Versatile LED Filament Lamps: Our collection features the popular LED filament lamp enclosed in glass, offering endless possibilities. Choose from different glass shapes and colors, various cable colors, lamp holder sets, and unique cluster head arrangements. Our light fittings can include up to 24 heads and beyond, ensuring a custom lighting solution that meets your specific needs.

Experience the Lumination Difference: At Lumination, we have long specialized in providing inspiring lighting for new installations. Our collection is designed to inspire you, and we are always ready to assist. While the points mentioned are generalizations, our team is eager to help with any specific questions, ensuring you make the most of your feature lighting. Illuminate your spaces with Lumination Lighting – where every design is a masterpiece.

Some of the popular designs
are as shown below

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