Tiffany Lights

Tiffany Style Lamps Are A Timeless Classic Which Add Something Special To Your Home.

In the Lighting world, Tiffany can be seen as an art form with a long history; stunning glass pieces can be the highlighted feature in any room. At Lumination we stock some exclusive Tiffany lamps lights, our range includes Tiffany Desk Lamps, Floor Lamps, Wall Washer and Pedants. What are Tiffany Lights? An adaption of stained glass in a perfect presentation. Our manufacturers have a long history of producing these handmade classics. The style has been around for years and we supply the highest grade of quality and design. All our tiffany shades and wall washers are handmade from fine glass and copper foil in the age old traditional method of manufacture. The only modernisation is the use of lead-free solder to ensure full compliance with EU import regulations. When purchased, you will not only have a stunning piece of art but a piece of history. Check out our range of all the most popular designs. For info, you can send us an email or use the chat for any inquiries.

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