Tiffany Lights

The mood of Tiffany lamps will awaken the artist in the human being. Using bright-colored stained glasses, they give a touch of glamour and turn the living place into a warm beacon. What a beautiful feeling of the warmth emitted by the luminescence of a Tiffany lamp that paints your room in a spectrum of colors. Their arty look, caused by natural motives and shapes, can be used as exquisite lamps that will accentuate the eternal, timeless beauty of your interior.

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Tiffany Lights - Handmade masterpieces

Hand produced tiffany is a timeless favourite for many with so many designs and powerful colours and styles available. Now mostly produced in China manufacturing of tiffany style lamps has not changed from an age gone bye. Individual elements of glass shaped in a puzzle into a mould and then hand soldered into place is by any stretch of imagination labour intensive. A piece of tiffany in a room adds a personal piece of artwork to be appreciated by everyone who engages. There are many favourite styles with possibly the dragonfly as the most famous. Produced in several colour ways this tiffany light adorns many homes.

Discover beautiful Tiffany Lamps and Delight Your Home with Lumination

You will get to choose a stunning range of Tiffany lighting designs that can add a touch of artistry as well as warmth to your home. Tiffany UK – selected by many – we are pleased to present a fantastic selection of Tiffany lights at Lumination, with a plentiful offering featuring a diverse range of styles that are perfect for any home.

Unveiling a Legacy in Light

Our Tiffany-style lights are actually a current take on the beauty and creativity of the Art Nouveau period associated with Louis Comfort Tiffany. Every one of them features a marvellous range of unique pieces made of hand-cut stained glass and ultramodern mosaics. We have everything that you might need, from the evolution of the antique Tiffany lights themselves, which imitate the original maestro’s work, to the contemporary trends-inspired items.

Finding the Right Position Spectrum for Each Room

Explore the diverse range of Tiffany lighting options available:

Tiffany ceiling lights – If you are in the process of decorating your house, it is time for an incredible addition – a Tiffany ceiling light. Largest in size, these are ideal for living rooms, dining rooms, and hallways. They bring an element of luxury.

Tiffany light shades: Want to give the old lamps a new look? Then Tiffany light shades can solve your problem. Sold in numerous styles and sizes, which is the perfect way to have a hint of the Tiffany style.

Tiffany wall lights - See our stunning Tiffany wall lights to add a beautiful touch of style to any of the following locations: hallway, living area, or bedroom.

Tiffany table lamps: Since the lamps are compact, they can be easily placed on the side table or desk to add a Tiffany touch to the overall lighting decor.

Beyond the Bulb: An elaborate piece of work that displays light along with colour so perfectly.

Tiffany lights require light and colors to create a beautiful artistic view of life, and that should be the essence of beauty. For the stained glass to produce the best light, for lighting purposes, they have to be lit, and when lit, they have a warm, beautiful glow that makes the space attractive.

Whether it relates to the kin and vigor connected with floral patterns or the solidity and sophistication of Art Deco patterns, our Tiffany pendant lights and other fittings provide stunning colors.

Discover the Lumination Difference

It is at Lumination that it will be their business partner to offer top quality and artistry in every kind of lighting product. Our Tiffany direct lighting is procured from manufacturers who are able to maintain the best convention of this aged art of illumination.

You can find the perfect Tiffany light today at the Lumination online store.

You can find a wide selection of Tiffany Lighting UK, and we are sure you will find what you are looking for. We offer everything from antique Tiffany lights to more modern spin-offs, so whether you are a high roller or watching your pennies, you will be able to find something to your taste.

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