Lighting Accessories

Starting from the diffusers, which set the mood, to reflectors that bring the light in, lighting accessories are the hidden gems of well-lit homes. Make your pendant pop or inject some life into your table lamps. Adding the right accessories can make the lighting look spectacular!

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Lighting accessories

What can we make together ?

This category contains light based accessories which can add functionality or convert your lighting. The range is constantly under review and we are happy to source other parts if you require. At Lumination we carry out in our workshops many repairs and refurbishments of client's favourite lighting fixtures. This means we carry many more parts that are necessarily shown on our website pages.

Cable and lampholder sets are a speciality and we have a vast range for you to select. In addition we carry many colours of lamp holder and plain covered cable is available by the metre.

Creative Ideas to Light up Your Home by Choosing Stylish Lighting Accessories

Lumination provides bathroom lighting, bedside lighting, and light blue bedroom accessories, as well as other light-up accessories and lighting accessories that may be required to accessorize the bedroom according to personal preferences. From lamps to develop the mood in your kitchen or light blue shades to create a serene feel in bedrooms, we offer a wide range of lighting accessories for your convenience.

Discover The Suitable Lighting Accessories for Your Home

Lighting accessories that we have comprises switches, dimmers, wall light, chandeliers, lampshades, and so on. Apart from that, we also have very colorful and bright Light accessories that can brighten up your home. If you are tired of the monotonous outlook, then using a few small light blue accessories in the kitchen will definitely help you, or you can add some wink to your bedroom with light blue bedroom accessories.

Measures: More Than Just Lighting Accessories

At Lumination, it does not just end at “lighting fixtures and parts” because, to us, lighting involves and encompasses much more than that. It is about setting a certain tone for the room and a certain ambiance that would be appropriate and fitting for any home. That is why we extend more lighting accessories to meet your desired styling with our products.

Whether it is the appropriate light source for working at the table or just soft lighting for creating a comfortable atmosphere, we have it all.

Once again, it is never too early or too late to shop for lighting accessories from us online today.

Please visit our featured lighting accessories here in our catalog and discover the best lighting accessories to complement your home. We also tend to have a full range of products at reasonable prices so that customers are sure to find something they need.

Lastly, should you require assistance with choosing the appropriate lighting accessories, do not hesitate to contact us because our team of professionals is always willing to guide you.

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