Introducing our new recessed lighting range.

The recessed downlighter or spot light has become a fitting of choice for the construction industry and has been adopted widely for domestic lighting. Used wisely it is a valuable option for consideration when designing your lighting scheme. For bathrooms and kitchens the recessed spot light delivers light where it is needed on work surfaces and where good bright working light is needed. There are many options in terms of design and specification, but the main distinction is either using a separate LED GU10 lamp or an integral LED. In the case of the separate GU10 lamp the recessed spot light housing will take a wide range of lamps which are readily replaced. For the integral LED recessed spot light the dependence is on the reliability and warranty of the fitting which is often 5 to 7 years. At Lumination it is part of our role to help you decide which product suits your needs and we are always happy to assist.

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