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Outdoor Floodlights

Outdoor living flood lights

The flood light does what is says and that is to flood an area with light to enable that area to be used at night. Often associated with entertaining in the garden or outside patio the flood light properly positioned will give a flood of light where it is needed. The proper positioning is the key so the light is effective whilst not being glaringly uncomfortable to the eye. The ideal is to position up high under the soffits or even better at the apex of a gable end so the light is way above the eye line and shining down onto the area required.

Buying flood lights is easy and safe on line with Lumination and we offer free delivery on orders over £75.

Flood lights for outside lighting

As well as for entertaining the flood light gives excellent working light if there are things to be done in the garden or around the house at night. The flood light can be either triggered automatically as in the case of security lighting or by manual or timer control. Flood lighting is by its nature bright and with that in mind positioning so as not to cause intrusion to others and neighbours in particular will be important. It is also potentially an intrusion to wildlife and as such should be used when needed and not left on for extended periods of time.

We have our lighting designers available at all time to help with enquiries and so if you need some help in designing your outdoor lighting then why not give us a call on 01823 618641 and we will have someone available to assist.

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