How To Light A High Ceiling

How To Light A High Ceiling

If you are renovating a living space with a high ceiling, you will want to make the most of this desirable feature with well thought-out interior lighting design. Whether it is a period property, a conversion, or a new-build, there are some tried and tested ways of illuminating an airy, elegant room.

Build in Recessed Lights

If the room is part of a conversion, extension or new build, take some time to consider the lighting plan in the pre-construction phase. Recessed lighting (lights fitted into a hollow in the ceiling) is especially effective in high-ceilinged spaces, because it breaks up the dark areas which will occur between the ceiling pendant light and the floor and table lamps.

If there are particular features you want to highlight, such as a painting or fireplace, recessed accent lighting can be placed to provide angled overhead illumination. Recessed task lighting can be placed for more intense light over areas such as kitchen islands, home offices, or just your favourite reading spot.

Recessed ambient lighting is for any other general illumination to provide consistent levels of lighting around the room, and is especially important for large spaces. They can be fitted with a dimmer to alter the mood as required.

Choose a Feature Pendant or Chandelier

Pendants and chandeliers add an extra layer of illumination to help break up large spaces, and direct light onto particular areas, such as a dining table. Take advantage of the extra space with an eye-catching design, whether you want a dramatic contemporary look, or a crystal chandelier to complement a more classic room décor.   

Add Lamps to Pull the Room Together

Tall lamps can be place to brighten a dark corner, or table lamps can be used to aid reading and other tasks. They are also a key design feature which will draw the eye, so it’s important to choose styles which will add to the overall character and mood of the room.

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