Top Lighting Trends To Watch This Autumn

Top Lighting Trends To Watch This Autumn

If there is any better time of the year to think about your home lighting, we can’t think of it. In recent weeks it has certainly felt like autumn has arrived, bringing with it darker mornings and shorter evenings.

Now is certainly the time, therefore, to make sure that your home is not only well-illuminated to deal with the darker evenings and mornings, but also that the lighting complements and adds to the overall decor in your property.

Lighting is often a relatively straightforward element of your decor to update and there are some wonderful autumn lighting trends catching our eye.

Ideal Home recently shared some of the top trends to watch if you want to introduce some sparkle to your interiors through your lighting. At the top of the list is using pendant lights outside of the kitchen or dining room.

These are traditionally the rooms where you would use pendant lights to add some drama to the area around your table or a kitchen island, however, a solitary pendant light can make a great statement and be especially useful in terms of zoning an open-plan space.

For instance, hanging a single pendant light over an armchair instantly says ‘reading corner’ and with the nights drawing in, that’s a great way to bring some cosiness to your home too.

We are big advocates of the fact that lighting is far more than a functional choice - it can be used to enhance your home’s decor too. There are various statement lights available, but one area to watch is animal themed or shaped lights. According to the publication, these are expected to be popular this autumn and winter.

Lighting can also help you to change your space as you use it differently throughout the day. With many of us working from home (and set to continue to do so for the foreseeable future), it’s important that you can make this distinction between your working day and relaxation time.

This is where ambient lighting is key. You might have your big overhead light on during the working day, but once you’ve switched off your laptop turn that off and instead use classic table lamps, floor lights and wall-mounted lights to soften the mood and help you unwind.

With the evenings and mornings getting darker, if you are venturing out for work it’s important that you feel safe when you get home, and that you are able to clearly see what you’re doing as you’re entering or leaving your home.

This is why it’s important to consider your hallway lighting. Real Homes recently offered some advice about how to brighten up your hallway that provides functionality and style.

For example, the publication recommends having a clear light shade in your hallway that shows off the light bulbs. This can be effective at drawing the eye and making a statement as people enter your home, as well as providing plenty of all-important light in this space.

Another option, if you want to make a statement with your hall lighting, is to choose a light fitting in a contrasting colour to the rest of your decor. You could opt for gold to stand out against pastel walls, or a light shade that’s a little more colourful if you’re sticking to white or magnolia in your hallway.