The Top Lighting Trends For 2021

The Top Lighting Trends For 2021

Light fittings and fixtures are not only a fantastic way to light up your home, but they can help showcase your style too.

Lighting design, like all interior design, has been shaped by the coronavirus pandemic, as we spend much time at home, working, relaxing, and living, and we want our lighting to not only look good but also functional.

We wanted to have a look at some of the trends in interior lighting design you can expect to see in the coming 12 months.

Geometric shapes

This trend has been around for a little while already and doesn’t seem to be going away at any time soon. Lights fixtures with geometric shapes that have clear lines and refined form will add a sense of structure and order to your interior design, while also making it stylish and trendy.

Not only lighting, but you will also see more geometric shapes, elements and forms in many interior design trends for 2021. If you want your house to look organised and put together, then light fixtures and fittings with defined geometric shapes are the way to go.

Soft Metallic Finish

Many of the interior design pieces to be seen in the furniture and design magazines of today will often have soft metallic finishes.

It could be the edge of the coffee table or the holder of a light fixture, but they will have some kind of metallic element integrated into them. It adds not only a sense of elegance but can make it look more expensive and luxurious.

Gold Metal With Monochrome Design

Along with the soft metallic finish comes the design combination of gold metal and monochrome coloured textures. These type of light fixtures ooze style and luxury.

Light Fixtures in the Industrial Style

Also not losing its appeal is the industrial lighting trend that has been around for some time. It is a style that does not seem to ever look out of date and is only getting better in the design of light fixtures on 2021.

Simple geometric tubes, concrete, bold lines, a textured combination of wood and black metal. These are just some design elements of industrial style light fixtures which you will see in the next year.

These light fixtures will work perfectly in any interior, especially in a large, open space. Just add some industrial style decor, and your place will instantly look very modern and stylish.

There are so many different ways to implement stylish and trendy lighting within the home, and the upcoming trends are all unique, creating a different atmosphere and personality to your interior design.

From all minimal, geometric light fixtures to free-form, abstract lights, you can choose the one that fits your personality and style. Hopefully, this will provide some inspiration for your interior design aspirations for 2021 when you are looking at buying new light fixtures.

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