How To Light Your Stairwell

How To Light Your Stairwell

Every single part of your home represents an opportunity to bring in stunning new interior design features - and this includes your stairwell! Not only can you really bring this part of the house to life beautifully with carefully curated lighting systems, but you can also serve to make it safer to go up and down the stairs… so it’s a win-win for one and all.

Using LEDs for stairwell lights means you can highlight the individual steps so you can see where you’re treading, creating a really stylish set of steps while making your home far safer. You can make the look more subtle by installing a strip of LEDs recessed into the wall to help create a soft look and feel on your stair treads.

As an alternative, you could consider installing your LEDs in the nosing of each step instead, which is an easier job but certainly no less effective and stylish from a design perspective.

Or what about thinking outside the box even more and have a banister or handrail installed that could provide the source for your lighting systems. This will light up the staircase very successfully indeed, while creating a real talking point for friends and family whenever they come to visit.

But, of course, you shouldn’t neglect your overhead lighting and it may be appropriate to install such lighting systems in the ceiling, as well as illuminating the staircase itself. There are all sorts of options available to you, whether you decide you want to go big and bold with a chandelier or choose something a little more on the subtle side.

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