How To Get The Lighting Right For Zoom

How To Get The Lighting Right For Zoom

The last few months have seen many of us work from home and while lockdown restrictions are gradually being lifted, it is likely that they may be resumed and become more stringent if coronavirus infection rates continue to rise… which means we’ll have to continue working from home for a while longer, it seems.

Thankfully, we have technology at our disposal, which makes remote working a possibility - but if you’re making heavy use of Zoom and other such programs to do your jobs, it’s important to make sure that you’re lighting your work spaces appropriately so people can see you at your best and most professional, even if you are in the living room instead of the office.

Making use of a desk lamp is advisable, as you’ll be able to direct the light where you want in order to highlight yourself properly on video. Experiment a little but you may well find that the best way to use your lamp is to light your face indirectly with it from the front.

Don’t go for a strong beam of light, either, as this could wash you out - and make sure you don’t point it directly at your face, or you’ll have to sit there with your eyes shut. Try angling it so the light hits just above your head.

Something else to consider is the warmth of the bulb in your lamp. Avoid cold lights, as these could potentially make your environment look a little uncomfortable. Warmer bulbs can help to create a sense of atmosphere and can even make it look lovely and sunny, even if it’s blowing a gale outside.

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