Getting The Best Out Of Your Garden This Autumn

Getting The Best Out Of Your Garden This Autumn

The darker nights and the cooler evenings are a sure sign that autumn is here and winter is on the way. But as we have all found a new appreciation of our precious outdoor spaces in 2020, it doesn’t have to end once the warmer weather goes away

Now is the perfect time to consider giving your garden, backyard or patio a refresh and a refurb to prepare it for use during the winter months, so you can still make good use of it in comfort and style.

There are many solutions available for keeping yourself warm once the sun goes down, from freestanding patio heaters to fire pits and chimineas, adding both warmth and a welcoming atmosphere.

But however warm you are, you do not want to be sat in the dark, and it is straight forward enough to add more atmosphere to your garden or patio with the inclusion of smart and stylish outdoor lighting to provide illumination for cosy gatherings and October BBQs.

As well as allowing you to see what you’re doing once the sun goes down, outdoor lighting can add beauty and ambience to your garden at night, whether you’re sat out enjoying a coffee or beer, or enjoying the view of your garden from inside your home on the coldest of winter evenings.

You can be as creative as you desire with your outdoor lighting, and it is worth looking for styles that will not seem out of place during the day when they are not in use. There are also many solar-powered varieties which mean you do not have to consider how to provide power and laying cables through your flower beds.

To avoid lighting looking harsh and artificial, consider postponing lights behind and among plants to soften the light and provide a more natural look. Bamboos and grasses are particularly effective, creating a dancing effect to light, especially on breezy evenings.

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