Five Lighting Design Trends This Autumn

Five Lighting Design Trends This Autumn

This year has been an incredibly unique year when it comes to interior design and lighting. More time has been spent at home and so the focus has been on creating unique lighting designs in the service of making our living spaces unique.

A significantly increased number of people are spending more time working at home due to social distancing guidelines. According to the Office of National Statistics, more people are working from home, and with the advent of video conferencing and socialising at a distance for safety, more focus has been placed on our homes than ever before.

Because of this, we have seen some rather unique trends appear in lighting design. Here are five of the top lighting trends for this most unique of Autumn seasons.

 Art Deco

Art deco is characterised by the opulence of the 1920s, and the combination of sleekness with fine materials has always made the design trend a favourite with designers, especially when it comes to lighting.

The lavish styling comes in the form of bright vintage bulbs, elegant glasswork and plenty of brushed metalwork and meshes. Lockdown may have limited the excess of the gatsby parties, but an art deco look can bring back the spirit of the ‘roaring twenties’ in the new decade.

Centrepiece Lighting

We seem to be moving away from the idea of lighting as purely functional and are moving back to having lighting centrepieces again. Whilst the idea of embedded lighting has a certain minimalist appeal, interior design trends are bringing back the huge lighting fixture you cannot help but talk about.

It is an era of chandeliers, of statement lamps of your lights themselves being a conversation piece. Centrepieces also produce interesting and unique effects in your room and can help make you the talk of the zoom call.

Refined Industrial

With the return of art deco into our homes comes the return of that refined industrial look that is often paired with it. Do not fear looks with elaborate filament bulbs, tube lighting and brushed pipework, as long as they are paired with a sleek, luxurious finish.

Mixed Metals

Silver and stainless steel looks have had a monopoly on lighting design for a while, but expect that to change this autumn. Gold, copper and rose gold have skyrocketed in popularity, in part because of the sleek industrial look it provides.

Pair it with monochrome designs to achieve a luxurious finish to any room.

Creating a Mood

If there is any overriding design philosophy that should be taken in 2020, it is to create an atmosphere. With the days starting to get shorter, it is time to prepare an atmosphere for your lighting in time for those long winter nights.

Dimmer switches are highly recommended to provide a softer, more inviting setting, as well as a brighter look to help create a home office aesthetic. With lighting design now more than ever needing to serve multiple purposes, a dimmer is the ideal accessory.