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Assaf Frank

Assaf Frank is a fine art photographer who travels the world capturing beautiful moments, a job he simply loves. Growing up on a farm close to the beach in Israel, Assaf finds himself most at home outdoors, surrounded by nature. His creative eye led him t ~ Click To View Artwork

Catherine Stephenson

Born in North Yorkshire, Catherine has been a professional water colourist for more than twenty years. Well known for her floral art she uses colours that are inspired by nature and are sure to lift any room, from neutral tones to vibrant florals, purples ~ Click To View Artwork

Claire Henley

I have been a freelance illustrator and designer for over 20 years, having studied for a Graphic Design degree in London before starting my first job in a textile design studio. After four years I decided that I would rather be my own boss and started des ~ Click To View Artwork

Frederic Flanet

Between heaven and earth, between color and light, Frederic Flanet's paintings are more a research on the purity of the landscape, the flow of time, and the precise representation of a person with a strong visual sense. Not trying to reproduce but rather ~ Click To View Artwork

Jill Ray

Jill has been a practicing Artist and Designer for over 25 years. I was born in Sheffield and returned to live here in my twenties. I trained first in fine art then followed a career as a Landscape Architect until 2012 when I launched Jill Ray Landscapes ~ Click To View Artwork

John Taylor

John Taylor, like so many artists started drawing and painting as a hobby, although it is true to say that his school report was only glowing in the art department, he was never encouraged to develop his natural ability nor to pursue a career in art. ~ Click To View Artwork

Karen Hollingsworth

Karen Hollingsworth is known for her dreamlike arrangements of subject matter. Through the artist's careful selection her subjects "speak" to on another, and to the viewer, in unique and unusal ways. In many of her painted interior spaces, she i ~ Click To View Artwork

Mike Shepherd

Mike Shepherd was born in 1964 and educated in London. He studied music and photography at college after leaving school in 1982. In 1989 he went to University as a mature student and studied Eastern Religion, Philosophy, and Art at Lancaster University gr ~ Click To View Artwork

William Vanscoy

In an attempt to capture the transitory beauty of life and nature my work merges the traditional and digital photographic landscape. My goal is to create a serene self-expressive image that reflects the wonder and peace found in my experiences in life. I ~ Click To View Artwork