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John Taylor


John Taylor, like so many artists started drawing and painting as a hobby, although it is true to say that his school report was only glowing in the art department, he was never encouraged to develop his natural ability nor to pursue a career in art.
He was however encouraged to get a trade, a proper job, and so started as an apprentice motor mechanic which he subsequently left on completion.Several other jobs followed, but it was while he was working at the Jaguar car factory, drawing colleagues in his tea break, that he was asked “what are you doing here when you can draw like that”? He made up his mind that when redundancy came, which was immanent, he would take the plunge.
He learnt his craft painting greeting cards, book jackets, and selling originals through galleries and taking commissions from private and commercial clients, while winning awards along the way, most notably being the best oil painting award at the society of equestrian artist exhibition held at Christies London in 2002.

Cliff Side Walk

Size: 77 x 77cm..