TL7032 - Terracotta Glaze Floral Table Lamp Complete

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TL7032 - Terracotta Glaze with Floral Design Lamp

The TL7032 is a Stunning lamp base which is terracotta with a glaze floral pattern which comes with a Champagne Rectangle Cut Corner Black Trim Shade

The TL range of lamp bases are made of ceramic, all of which have been hand painted beautifully. The range of lamp bases are a trade mark products of Lumination and have been adding style and class to homes for years.

  • Height 15" to lamp holder.
  • Shown with 16” Champagne Rectangle Cut Corner Black Trim Shade.
  • Price includes shade.
  • Sold as a complete set.
Dimensions & Weight
Width 16in
Height 15in
Projection 700lum
Weight N/A
Lamp Cap BC
Wattage 60w

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