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The Patrinia Wall and Ceiling Light Collection

This is the Patrinia wall and ceiling light collection, finished in either a classic antique brass or a modern satin nickel. The Patrinia is an elegantly designed chandelier and wall collection with sleek, unique features. You can see a gallery of images below.

Our best seller from the range, the Patrinia 12 fitting features a 2-tier luxury framework which can be hung flush to the ceiling or suspended as a pendant using the interlocking chain supplied with the fitting. There are 12 curved arms outspreading from the ribbed central column. At the end of each arm is an pole that supports a 60-watt maximum SES/E14 candle screw bulb. We don't include bulbs with your purchase, so you'll have to purchase those separately.

The Patrinia range covers 5 , 8 and 12 lights ceiling lights, available in both antique brass and satin nickel. This style of fitting will be suited equally to living space as well as hallways, landing and stair wells. We also stock a 2 light wall light fixture for matching the ceiling and light fixtures.

The traditional look and feel of the Patrinia fitting will add a luxurious touch to any décor around the home and is well suited for the living room and bedroom.

This fitting is similar to the DAR Ambassador. We’re committed to offering the best service on the market for the product. We offer free delivery on all orders over £50, with tracked delivery. We check each item before it is dispatched to ensure quality and that there are no issues with this fitting.

We've made a table below to help you find the Patrinia alternative to the DAR Ambassador. Please note that we have UK stock of all items, and also stock the Patrinia 12 light in Satin Nickel.

Dar Product Name Product Code Our Product
Ambassador 2 Wall Light AMB0975 / AMB0946 Patrinia 2 Wall Light Antique Brass Satin Nickel
Ambassador 5 Ceiling Light AMB0575 / AMB0546 Patrinia 5 Antique Brass Satin Nickel
Ambassador 8 Ceiling Light AMB0875 / AMB0846 Patrinia 8 Antique Brass Satin Nickel
Ambassador 12 Ceiling Light AMB1275 Patrinia 12 Antique Brass Satin Nickel

Please contact us if you have any additional questions about our products. 

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