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South West Lighting

South West Lighting

The South West includes some of the greatest counties in the whole of the UK. The Charming Cornwall, the Delightful Devon, the Stunning Somerset, the Beautiful Bristol, the Glamorous Gloucestershire, the Wonderful Wiltshire and the Dazzling Dorset… have I missed any?
With all these great places, we offer amazing lighting to match; only the best though as we want to match the scenery and keep the bliss of the South west.
Lumination has been around since 1999 (that is a long time!). Within this time we have serviced most locations in the southwest; this includes our health checks in which we examine your devices, our lighting design service as we aim to provide a high class service to inform and guide you to what lights you can install, our repair service which is what it says on the tin and finally the selling of lights.
Online and offline people have purchased our lighting from all over the southwest (and not forgetting across the whole of the UK from Wales to London to Birmingham to Manchester and even Scotland! Quite the reach).
The Southwest lighting scene is on an all-time high! With events like the Somerset Carnival, the Eden Project and the Traveling Fair; that’s a lot of lighting! There is never a dull moment in the SW, always life and fun happening all around; which is why we’re happy to call it home and the purpose of us opening our shops here.

Purpose of Page

I’m sure most of you are curious about why this page has been created; well we have two reasons on why.
One of them was to get the south west’s public eye to notice us more. We feel like we can offer the south west so much and provide you all with the best possible service you can get. We have given the south west a lot and we are proud to know that thousands of homes are using our lighting to provide the brightness needed for the darkest of nights.
The second reason is to give back. Give back to everyone from the SW who has ever purchased a light fixture or lighting fitting from us, even this isn’t enough in terms of dedication for saying thanks for the support.

South West Services

Why purchase online?

Where can you find us?

We have four branches and a website; all of which you can find our range of lighting and services. You can find our website products here at https://www.lumination.co.uk/buylighting You can find our branches at the following locations: -


The chart above shows what we stock; below is a bit depth.

Ceiling Lighting

Our range of ceilings lighting can match the offset of any room; it can provide the room it’s located in a bit of extra class and warmth. We stock all types of ceiling lights, we give a choice of colour, size, height, adjustable, dimmable and much more. Why not pop online to view more of our fittings? Or please feel free to pop into one of our stores.

Wall Lights

Wall lighting is a new trend which is currently on the rise. Wall lights have multiple purposes, providing lighting and making the room in which it’s in bright, shinning on a specific area to add emphases (show casing items) and to decorate the area. Want to find out more? Find your local Lumination store and we will be more than happy to help else you can find our full range on our website.


Everyone has a lamp, that’s a fact; but what most people don’t have is a fashionable lamp which can not only shine but adds a touch of passion and atmosphere to a room. Our lamps are sorted into a large range of categories, from desk, floor and table to lava, classic and crystal. Interested? We will be able to provide more information on the internal pages online and instore.

Outdoor Lights

People enjoy the outdoors but unfortunately it’s often hard to enjoy once it’s dark; good job for lights! Lumination stock lighting solutions for all areas of your garden; fancy a lamp post? Well we stock them, fancy a pedestal? Good cause we sell them, fancy a wall light? Well take a guess because we sell them as well! If your excited and want to see or know more, please take a look at our range on our site or pop into your local Lumination.

Bathroom Lighting

Bathrooms take a different approach to lighting than any other room as the lighting fittings are created to prevent moister damaged, as well there are features in the bathroom which can’t be found in any other room. Our bathroom lights take advantage of this and will be safe for use. We also stock bathroom mirrors, with and without lighting. Internet Supplys


Being hot in your home is now optional. Air con, Fans and black out windows are helping to reduce heat, keeping you cool. Now we don’t sell air con or black out windows but we do sell ceiling fans. We stock them from an exclusive manufacture who only creates fans focusing a lot of time on research and testing to ensure they work to the fullest. We don’t have any on show in our showrooms but we do have catalogues and the range is available on our website.

Kitchen Lights

Picking lighting for your kitchen no longer should be a nightmare or a headache! Thanks to Lumination. We stock a high range of kitchen lighting which include ceiling, island and lamps! Sounding like a scratched record but visit online or one of our showrooms.


LED is the new bulb/lamp in town; providing more brightness, light, lumens and spread than any other bulb. More here


We get positive feedback from all our stores. Here are some of the kind words that people have gave us: -

Mr Fredrick – South West, Somerset

I’m a contractor and an electrician by trade. I always prefer sticking to one company when it comes to supplies and services as it just makes life much easier. My chosen light supplier is Lumination and always will be. Most likely because they just make it easy for me and I can’t fault their prices.

Mr Thomas – South West, Gloucester

I have just decorated my house as me and my wife wanted a change of scenery. We started with the living room and the final item we purchased for the room was the lighting; we’ve knew about Lumination for a while but never been inside so we thought we would give it a try. Long story short we ended buying all our lights the same day!

Mr and Mrs Best – South West, Devon

Funnily enough we’ve been to all the branches ha-ha I can rate them all but my favourite is still the one in my home town. Not sure why but it’s mostly likely because it’s the closest.

Miss James – South West, Bristol

I like to think I have a good relationship with Lumination. I always pop in now and again just to say hi as the staff are nice people.