Repairs & Cleaning

Favorite lamp damaged ? Lamp holder given up ? Need a new lamp flex ?

Or perhaps you have a special chandelier or pendant in need of repair or full restoration. We will be pleased to help recover your light fitting and you may either bring in the damaged item to one of our stores or send us some photographs and we will assess if we can help you to restore your special item back to its former glory. We offer a flexible and resourceful service with a well equipped workshop and trained engineers who will carry out sympathetic repairs or restoration.

We have transformed many chandeliers which have arrived to us in very poor condition and have left as glorious center pieces. Our range of services includes replacement of damaged components, wiring testing and repairing or full rewiring. If you are in need of components to move your fitting then these is a good chance we can assist. In some instances we have managed to rework defective electrical conversions carried out in the past and which are no longer suitable for up to date safety use.

Table lamps are frequent visitors to our workshops for repair, cable extension, conversion from US fittings to UK standards. As well as electrical repairs we will also do our best to resolve any mechanical issues that may be present.

We maintain large stocks of components and spare parts and have access to a number of specialist suppliers. Our engineers are very experienced in restoration and will always find the best way to achieve a successful restoration.

If you are interested in learning more about our services then please call the number below or come in and see us at one of our lighting retail stores.

We have been lighting Bristol, Taunton and Cirencester for over 20 years and if you would like discuss your repair needs, then please call 01823 618641.

Professional Chandelier Cleaning Service

Lumination is able to offer you an accomplished and professional chandelier cleaning service. Our fully trained, professional staff have experience working at height and we will clean your chandeliers back to their original mesmerising shine. We are able to offer cleaning for crystal chandeliers, crystal wall lights and cleaning of the metal framed chandeliers as well as matching wall lights and other light fittings. Our processes are refined to suit any requirements you have - at Lumination, we will consider any crystal chandelier cleaning projects. During the cleaning process, we make sure to work methodically, and with the utmost care and respect for your chandelier. We will work to dismantle the chandelier leaving only the frame and stem to be cleaned in-situ. We use an environmentally friendly cleaning fluid which is specifically used to clean chandeliers and crystal light fittings. After the cleaning and polishing of each crystal is complete, we work on the frame and stem of the chandelier, before reassembling the chandelier they way it was. We do not use sprays on the fittings as this can cause damage to electrical wiring or cause corrosion on the metal.

In addition to the cleaning service, we can inspect the fitting to appraise the condition of the wiring and components. Should we find any faults, we will document these and supply them to you as soon as possible.

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Chandelier Renovations & Chandelier Refurbishment

At Lumination we've sold and dealt with crystal chandeliers for over 20 years, so we have the knowledge to professionally clean and even renovate your chandeliers.

If your chandeliers have been hanging for a few years, or even less in a dusty environment, the crystals will get covered and this means that they will lose the characteristic sparkle and light reflection properties. This will happen over time without cleaning. Our renovation and repair service aims to give your chandelier a new breath of life. We can undertake rewiring and inspection of the fitting during the cleaning process.If you're ever in doubt of how to clean your crystal chandelier, please give us a call for advice. Do not attempt to take down the fittings or crystals unless you're positive you know what you're doing!

Call Lumination for chandelier cleaning, renovations and refurbishments on 01823 618641 and talk to our fully trained staff about how we can help.

Spares & Components for Chandeliers

We do carry a stock of chandelier spares and components. If you are missing specific crystals, please send an image of a similar crystal to with information about the fitting (if you know the model we can look at finding the exact crystal). One of our professionally trained chandelier experts will be in touch with any information and costs of spares and components for you to consider.

Lumination Chandelier Cleaning Services

We have a reputation for excellence. We have over 20 years in the chandelier industry. We won't settle for anything less than outstanding service on any chandelier cleaning or refurbishing project. We have a growing number of satisfied customers that employ our services regularly and return year after year. We offer a one off service for cleaning, but you may need our services more frequently and we can create a plan to suit you.

Why not try our services yourself to find out why we're the best chandelier cleaning service around ?