Repair Services: Our skilled engineers operate in a well-equipped workshop, ready to perform sympathetic repairs or full restoration on your cherished light fittings. Whether it's a damaged chandelier, faulty wiring, or a need for a complete rewiring, we've got you covered. We have successfully transformed many chandeliers from poor condition to glorious centerpieces. If you're in need of components or wiring testing, Lumination is here to assist. We can also rectify defective electrical conversions for up-to-date safety use

Table lamps are frequent visitors to our workshops for repair, cable extension, and conversion from US fittings to UK standards. Our experienced engineers can tackle both electrical and mechanical issues, ensuring a comprehensive restoration service. Feel free to bring your damaged item to one of our stores or send us photographs for a quick assessment.

Chandelier Cleaning Service: Lumination provides a professional chandelier cleaning service to bring back the mesmerizing shine to your crystal and metal-framed chandeliers. Our fully trained staff work methodically, dismantling the chandelier to clean each crystal individually with an environmentally friendly cleaning fluid. We ensure meticulous care to avoid damage to electrical wiring or metal corrosion. Check out our Chandelier Cleaning Services Page for more details.

During the cleaning process, we inspect the wiring and components, documenting any faults for your consideration. Trust Lumination to revive your chandelier's sparkle and light reflection properties.

Chandelier Renovations & Refurbishments: With over 20 years of experience dealing with crystal chandeliers, Lumination offers professional renovation and refurbishment services. Dust and time can diminish the sparkle and light reflection properties of your chandelier. Our service aims to give your fixture a new lease on life, including rewiring and inspection during the cleaning process. If you're unsure how to clean your crystal chandelier, call us for expert advice.

Spares & Components: Lumination stocks a variety of chandelier spares and components. If you're missing specific crystals, send an image to with fitting information, and our experts will provide information and costs for your consideration.

Why Choose Lumination

  • 20 Years of Expertise

    Lumination has been lighting the South West for over two decades.

  • Comprehensive Services

    From repairs and cleaning to renovations, we offer a range of services.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Our reputation for excellence is built on outstanding service and satisfied customers who return year after year.

Call Lumination at 01823 618641 to discuss your repair, cleaning, or refurbishment needs with our fully trained staff. Experience why we're the best chandelier cleaning service around!