New Home Guide

Have you got a new home?

With everything else you have to consider why not let us help you get the lighting right for your new home. We offer the full range of lighting specialist services and we have a team of experienced staff awaiting your contact. Call them today.

Kitchen Lighting

Options for kitchen lighting are many with probably the latest designs of fluorescent the most popular. LED downlighters and surface spotlights remain strong contenders and the latest LED fittings are introducing modern elegance. Pendents over the island or breakfast bar often in a row of 3 (or 5) is a design theme widely used in modern kitchens. Finishes in chrome and satin nickel are most popular but with others such as copper gaining ground. Feature lighting and under-cupboard lights are additional considerations with LED strip, ground lights and concealed lighting as possible options.

Bathroom Lighting

There are many solutions for the bathroom with combination mirrors as a consideration. These offer various types of light (LED, halogen, fluorescent) as well as shaver power point, demist and hands free options. Recessed downlighters and simple flush lights are the starting point but such is the choice that bathroom rated chandeliers are available if you wish.

Living Rooms

There are 1000’s of design options available to suit every taste. Whether you prefer contemporary, fashionable, classic, retro or many other styles then we can help. Making sure of the effective distribution of light as well as creating or making the most of existing features is our expertise. Such lighting applications as; exposed roof beams and trusses, lighting roof lanterns, bi-fold doors and feature walls, vaulted ceilings, stair wells all of these require the specialist touch to get it right ! Let us help you make the most of your new home

Lighting Energy Audit

Old style tungsten lamps are being relegated to history with halogen lamps following soon. Compact fluorescents are likewise something of the past. Now is the time to take advantage of the great low energy lighting available. There are LED equivalent lamps for almost every design shape and rating, so making your home energy efficient has never been easier.

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