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A new force in LED! Introducing the revolutionary high performance range of energy saving LED lamps from WestLite

Designed for both domestic and commercial users, this new range of LED lamps offers all the most popular styles from a single supplier. With high performance, reliability and cost effectiveness as the design criteria, Westlite LED lamps offer a winning combination in the developing market for LED replacement lamps.
Looking ahead LED lamps are set to be the preffered choice of the consumer. LED will gradually overtake the compact fluorescent which has a lot of customer resistance through enviromental, performance and warm up time objections. As the EU ban on incandescent lamps takes a grip so the LED lamp will become the natural alternative. Add to this the energy savings and the cost savings on electricity bills and the move to LED is the way forward for most consumers.
All WESTLITE lamps are latest generation giving high output per watt and genuine eqivalence to the incadescent lamps they replace. Our lamps are not to be confused with the myriad of poor performing, early generation lamps which are flooding the market.
All lamps are packed in accordance with the latest EU regulations with fully detailed specification and informative point of sale presentation.
A 3 year guarantee against failure applies across the range. (See website for terms which apply)

How much can you save?

With unit charges currently running at around 18p per kwhr, savings through use of LED lighting is now a reality for consumers.

By switching to LED spot lights in a typical kitchen, look at the savings.
8 x 50w GU10 lamps running 6 hours a day, every day. Running cost:
8 x 50 / 1000 x 6 x 365 x 0.18 = £157.68 per year.
(Number of lamps x watts x hours x days x unit charge)
Replacing with WESTLITE LED lamps running cost:
8 x 7.5 / 1000 x 6 x 365 x 0.18 = £23.65 per year.
Saving a massive £134.00 per year!
Representing a pay back of around 6 months.
Make these savings now! [LINK] to see our LED lamp range.

LED Features
Replacement lamps have gone from being a consumanle to become an important long term investment. Now selecting the right lamp is equally as important as selecting the right light fitting. Domestic and commercial users alike are becoming more familiar with the lamp options now avaliabe but at the same time LED is a new concept and one which needs some explanation.
Here are some of the key factors which will need to be taken into account:

Low energy consumption is probably on most peoples minds with good quality LED lamps operating at around 10%-15% of the power of equivalent tungsten lamps.

Colour options is a new feature brought by LED. The GU10 spot light range is available as: Warm White (WW), Natural White (NW) & Cool White (CW). WW is equivalent colour ot halogen or tungsten and is suited to use in all rooms. NW is a whiter light popular for kitchens & bathrooms. CW is near daylight and might be used for the bathroom or over the sink and hob.

Instant start of our LED lamps overcomes probably the strongest objection to the compact flourescent low energy lighting they replace. Consumer frustration over waiting for the compact fluorescent to 'warm up' and achieve adequate brightness means an instant start solution is very welcome.

Aesthetics of LED lamps is now preferable to that of the compact fluorescent for which the 'stick' and 'spiral' designs are common and desliked in equal measures. The WESTLITE LED range has been designed to offer attractive enclosures in-line with traditional lamp styling and proportions.

Packaging is now strictly regulated under new EU laws and must present complete and unbiased information on the performance of LED lamps, so consumers can make an informed choice.

Guarantee of lamp life is a new concept. From having had no guarantee on the life of a filament lamp or a compact fluorescent, LED lamps are now so reliable that we are able to offer a 3 year guarantee on WESTLITE LED lamps. Whilst LED lamps are more expensive than those they replace, the guarantee is a winning feature.
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