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Golf Ball G45 E14 - Dimmable

Golf Ball G45 E14 - Dimmable

Golf Ball G45 E14 DimmableDon't forget to claim yo..


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Did you know, the official name for a light bulb is actually lamp? A lot of people don't know this fact!

The lamps (bulbs) we sell are all LED as LED lighting is soon going to overtake the regular bulb market. Why? Value, brightness, colour and longevity. We stock a large range of lamps which can fit all (or most) modern and classic fittings or appliance. We have also included plenty of pictures so you can compare your lamp with the images, but if you need even more help please get in contact with us as don't want you getting the wrong bulb by accident.

Check out our 8 reasons to switch to LED blog; it may help you decide.

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