Bespoke Lighting for your Entrance Hall

Bespoke Lighting for your Entrance Hall

Vaulted, double height and glass walled entrances are hugely popular for modern individual designed properties. With generous space and impressive height these are dominant statement entrances leading into your home. They naturally say a lot about what is to come entering to the inside. So with expectation aroused you don't want to disappoint. So what to do about the impressive piece of lighting that will add that all important finishing touch that is going to complement this entrance hall ?

There are many styles of dramatic lighting available to present design flair, but they also need to fulfill the necessary height and width to ensure proportionality to the space. So in selecting your piece of lighting there are numerous factors to determine whether it will achieve the desired result. First off is its proportion in terms of height and width, next comes its light contribution to the space and finally comes the design and aesthetics.  All of these are important contributors to the final selection. 

Stock fittings are one approach, but by they are by their very nature fixed in all aspects and invariably will involve a measure of compromise. Adaptation of stock fittings is another approach often used and which can produce very satisfactory results. However a bespoke piece of lighting is unbeatable as it means you are able to optimize all deign aspects to ensure your achieve the desired result and have a unique solution for your entrance.  

To-date we have created bespoke lighting for up to 10m drop, 1m width and with up to 20 light heads. The possibilities are unlimited at a cost you will find surprisingly low for such individuality. Examples are shown in the catalogue


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