At Lumination we want to offer something for everyone, and at this time of year money’s tight… perhaps it’s being saved for a rainy day? Or for Christmas? Else some people tend to worry about Brexit… either way Lumination has the solutions for you.
We have listened to your feedback (which we are grateful for) and we have now implemented what most of you have requested, more budgeting options.
It’s hard to manage money, and when rebuilding, buying propriety or upgrading propriety, more than often people forgot about a key feature… the light fittings; which unfortunately when comes to being remembered the decorating budget is now slim! We have analysed this situation and asked how you wish to budget your lighting fees, with this data, we incorporated onsite two new features.

Before listing what these new features are, we wish to clear your mind of ease with some points:

  • 1, All our lighting is still top branded and top quality even in the budgeting range and budgeting features.
  • 2, You still have the same warranty and guarantee.
  • 3, You still get free shipping if your order is over £50.
  • 4, We will be adding to the ranges every so often.
  • 5, Any other questions may be found in the FAQ page.
  • 6, Else please get in contact.

Our new options are:

Budget Box

One of the first items we have implemented is the budget box. The budget box will help you find items based on your budget by letting you know the leeway between product prices and above it (shows how much extra above your budget). It will hide products which are not within your range. People often request to see items within their budget range, this will help achieve this.

How this will help?

This will help you by laying out your options in your price range. It shows you what items you can and can’t afford, it even goes one step beyond and shows you how much extra it will cost for products not within your price scope. In short; it helps by showing you what you can afford within your budget.

Where to find this feature

You can find the box within any of the category pages. It can be seen either below the subcategory boxes or below the category description.

Step by Step

Budget Range

We’ve covered how you can find products based around your budget now we can introduce you to a category based solely on budgeted items. As said, budget does no equal poor quality, it just means high quality and branded items for less than the average light fixtures cost, if this was the case, we would say cheap lighting instead of cost effective! Every item you find in this range is below £30! No higher, but of course, much much lower! Within this range we have 4 sub categories, wall lighting, outdoor lighting, ceiling lighting and lamps. Within these sub-ranges you can find fixtures for any room in your house.

How this will help?

This helps with your price range by allowing you to look around without worrying about your budget. This is because you know any product you look at will not be over £30, and if it makes it any easier you can filter the products by price! In short; no more worrying about and double-checking prices.

Where to find this feature

You can access the budget range here -
Or on the menu, under sales -> budget
When in the category you can choose either of the four sub-categories else you can view all the budget products by scrolling down.
Keep an eye out on this range as we are always adding in new products and product lines!


As this is based on your feedback and loyalty we wish to thank you.
If you would like any more information, please contact us!
Number: 01823 618641
Or you can use the contact form or live chat!