Introducing Luminations Spotlight range; this is where we feature the ranges you will need to watch. The spotlight range will change based on what the next up and coming lighting fittings and features are. When something is featured you know it is the best of the best! We only hand pick products we have tested and insured ourselves. Basically; you want the featured light! These items are built to last, are designed to span any room, are a talking point and are ideal for you!

What we look for

Quality, brightness, dubitably just to name a few. But in short, we don’t know! We don’t actively look; the product comes to us. It’s when we see a product and it gives us a long-lasting jaw dropping effect or it’s when we take more notice towards a product which has stood the test of time. In the past we have judged on the mention items; each type of lighting will need to bring something new or innovate on something old. Here’s some examples of what we have seen in the past which has caught our attention for us to add the product to the spotlight or what we may look for with the next instalment.Examples for each category of what we could look for:

The conditions for wall lighting are in the many. To name a few, it needs to look nice, as wall lighting is classy and elegant, so It needs to enforce this effect. It needs to hold, it’s not worth having a fitting which doesn’t keep to the wall. Placement, it needs to be durable and efficient to be placed onto any wall.

A top product and a top seller, a celling light would need to amaze us beyond relive.There are many different types of celling lights, from pendants to flush, all of which will need to be judged on these criteria (such as chain size or length of flush). Size is quite important, we would aim for a fitting which can fit any ceiling.

As a seasonal item an outdoor light will really need to outshine all else to be added to the spotlight range. They need to be durably for all year round! Based on this we include, the ip rating, can it last in the weathers. Range, how far it can light up your garden. Power, how can you power it? Is it solar? Mains? Ect.

Another category which has a large diversity of types is Kitchen, including flushes, pendants, island, LED, under cupboard (just to name a few!). We tend to look for, length, most kitchens are long in length, so we look for products to fill this. Modern or classic, Kitchen lighting are either modern or classic, we like to see items hit these ranges well.

We love seeing advancements with bathroom lighting, if they are within the spotlight range you know that they have done well. Bathroom lighting is tricky as most look and act the same as the sole purpose of bathroom lighting is to protect from moisture. Any fitting that does this well and try’s something new can find a place in the spotlight!

Fans are ideal for the summer and days which are simply hot. It will be rare to see a ceiling fan in this range as they all do the same thing and look the same, providing you with cold air. But then again, there have been some vast improvements lately within the fan range so maybe soon we could see one hit the spotlight?

We at lumination are massive lamp fans! We love the way they are all unique and the amount of choice you can get. Despite this we’ve seen it all, weird shapes, weird colours, embedded lighting, Touch, indoor, outdoor, wire frames, all types of martial, sizes and placements. We do look forward to seeing the next big thing in lamps, it may even land in the spotlight!

There are also shared impacts including the following:
Weight, does it weigh to much or too little?
Brightness, can it light up the specific area or room?
Sizes, Is it too big or small?
Strength, can it be supported?
Placement, can it be placed in most places?
Lamp Cap, LED, halogen or fluorescent?

What qualifies

If we agree that the fitting or feature is ideal for anyone in the market and hits all (most) mentioned boundary’s above, then it can land itself in the spotlight. We believe any item in the spotlight range is a sure seller! It can also last, be a talking point and won’t let you down.

Why we made this feature

So we can offer you the best and give praise to the modern day lighting scene. We like to show off what’s hot in the current day lighting as we find it our duty as lighting sellers. We intend to change it every so often so please keep a look out.