Clocks go back 02:00 on Sunday, 29 October!

It's that time of year where it gets cold, damp and worst DARK! Winter is approaching quicker than ever; how are you prepared?
With only a few months remaining of the year it’s time to get all your chores and house prep work done, only then you can put your feet up for Christmas. The next big event is Halloween… but before that, the clocks go back.

What does this mean for you?

Well the most important thing is that you get an extra hour in bed! Good times… the bad, it means it’s going to get dark a lot quicker and a lot meaner. No one likes the dark, non-visibility is horrid plus no one likes bumping or standing in random items. But what’s darkness’s worst fear? Light! And being leading experts and specialist, we have a lot of lighting to give!

Dark Season is coming

We always recommend you get ready BEFORE clocks go back else you may regret it. The light on your camera isn’t going to support you too long and on top of that, we’re not in the middle ages anymore so candles should be left unlit. Halloween is a few days after, you maybe enjoying a horror film or two, after the films are finished the last thing you would want is your lights not turning on.

Testing if you’re ready

Do you know how to test your lighting to see if it’s ready for the season? No? Great let us help! The idea behind getting prepared is so you won’t need too past the turn back date, which can prevent injury or getting lost in the dark. Injuries can happen because of tripping, walking into something or standing in something because of the limited amount of lighting.

Firstly, ensure your electric bill is paid or your electric is toped up; cause without these necessaries you won’t have any power to power the fixtures.
Next, every room in your house will need a light fitting or fixture, that’s right even the rooms you hardly visit including the attic (you never know when you will use it).
Make sure all your bulbs are functional to their maximum state (bright as possible). Halogens and fluorescent lighting may not last the long winter like LED lights (and they may dim overtime!).
Place torches (flash light) in easy to find locations in case you have a blackout, fuse gone or blown bulb… to not plan is a plan to fail.
Stock pile bulbs, if one blows in the middle of the night then you’re going to have bad time. We recommend a box of 3 for safety, it’s not like they run out of date!
Lastly, check your current lighting for any damage and check they power. What kind of damage you say? Well anything that dangles off is bad, anything that twist which shouldn’t is bad, any rust… bad!

What do we recommend?

Well as mentioned a light in every room!

Lamps, prefect for a minor amount of light. Ideal to help you see what you’re doing at the desk or any sitting task such as reading a book, doing homework or typing on your keyboard.
Shown Lamp:
Lamp Category:

Bathroom, no one wants to brush their teeth in the dark! If your light goes off when your shaving you may end up with half a beard.
Shown Light: -
Bathroom Category: -

Kitchen, it’s very dangerous to work in a kitchen without any lighting! You may slip or fall and do some nasty damage.
Shown Light: -
Kitchen Category: -

Tiffany, a little bit more class never hurts. The tiffany range managed to do 2 things great, look nice and provide brightness.
Tiffany Light:
Tiffany Range:

Front Room, aka living room. The room most people spend most of their time (when awake of course). Lighting here isn’t as important but if you can cope without it then it’s your choice.
Room Light:
Ceiling Range:

LED Wall Light, this is shown in the attic. This place is usually dark most the time anyway, so any fitting in this room should be tested all year round.
Room Light:
Wall Range:

Ceiling Lights, the most common type of lighting. Most of our ceiling lighting is currently on sale, have a look in the category below.
Room Light:
Ceiling Range:

Outdoor lighting, you do not want to have no lighting when walking in. A lamp post or a wall light will guide you in!
Garden Light:
outdoor Range:


We hope this guide helped you get ready for the times a head! We at Lumination like to keep our customers happy which is why we’re offering fantastic deals! Lighting sales are a way to show our appreciation towards the public. If you have any questions or after some more information please feel free to contact us; we will be happy to help.
We will be running this offer for a while but we still recommend getting in quick cause once it’s gone and you will need to wait a full year for the next clocks go back sale! if you’re having any difficulty’s please contact us and we will be happy to help. You can get hold of us via phone, email or instant message (chat). Our contact number is 01823 618641, the email to uses or the chat can be found directly at the bottom of the page.