Sales, Offers and Deals at Lumination.
We are always full of surprises at Lumination! Deals here, Offers there and sales everywhere!
We like to keep ourselves refreshed; ready for what’s around the corner. Our deals cover any season, Christmas, Easter, Halloween and new year’s; so, you can always get the best out of us.

Why we offer deals
Our deals our here for you, the customer. Our aim as a national lighting supplier is to always offer and give the best to all our current and new customers.

How do we determine the best lights to give out in our lighting sales?
Depending on the season we work out the best deals to give out with our lighting offers. Each season offers something new in terms of season and festive surprises as well in terms of darkening timing (BST and GMT).

Let’s check out some examples:
- Christmas / Winter – The big one! It starts to get dark a lot sooner so lighting is in high demand and of course Christmas is the festival of lights. Tree lights, outside lights and office lights can go hand to hand here.
As it’s the big one we tend to have an offer on a lot of our products from our LED range to our crystal lighting range. Our aim here is to provide as much lighting as possible so you can enjoy a nice and warm festive time.
Important mentions – Day light savings, Dark sooner, Xmas, New year’s, Hukkah

- Spring / Easter – It’s that time when you start waking up to the sun again; good times. Spring still gets dark at night relevantly quick but isn’t as cold or wet as winter so more than often people get their BBQ’s out and enjoy the garden. Within this season our aim is to sell outdoor lighting to our customers so our offers are based on our garden range.
Important mentions – Saint Patrick day, Spring break

- Sunshine / Summer – Sun, sea and sand, bliss! It is that time when the sun is out 24/7 and you can finally keep warm… until It gets boiling! Everyone knows that the English weather is either too hot or too cold and nether in the middle. To prevent you from getting too hot we sell a range of ceiling fans; because of this you can find offers on our ceiling fan range in this season.
Important mentions – Bank holidays, Olympics, Sun, start of BST, summer break

- Autumn / Halloween – Autumn Is a lacking season; not much happens. The sun isn’t out any earlier or goes down any sooner. We tend to prepare ourselves for the next season. We have deals throughout our store, often random stock.
Important mentions - Back to school, thanksgiving

- Variables – We can start a sale for any given reason; including:
o Once a product is selling well and we want more people to take advantage of it
o To make way for new catalogues and make a clearance
o To sell remaining items

Our current deals are what follows
- Lamps: Most of our classic lamp range has been marked off 20%! You can view them here
- Crystal: We have an amazing offer for you to check out on our crystal range; all crystal is 20% off! You can view the range here
- LED: Our LED range has been selling itself but we want you to take advantage of them so we’re offering 10% off! You can check them out here
- LED Lamps: LED lamps or “Light Bulbs” also have 20% off and can be seen here

Check Back
Check back often as we always update our deals.

- Black Friday: Sales that only happens in November on a specific Friday.
- Cyber Monday: The Monday after Black Friday
- Pre-season: Before the season starts
- Top prices: Getting the best out of prices
- Online Exclusives: Online only sales.