Tiffany Lighting

The Tiffany lighting collection is one of the biggest names in the business which is why we stock them at all our Lumination branches and for you to order online.

Why’s Tiffany is in the spot light?

let us break it down for you -

  • Tiffany lamps and tiffany wall lights are Stain glass lighting; which gives any visitors the wow effect

  • The range will give your home that little extra of class and making it more sophisticated

  • Tiffany lighting can add an elegant feel to any home

  • Tiffany lamps comes in different sizes to suit your every need

  • The tiffany range comes as either a lamp or a wall light

  • It gives you a talking point in the room, the tiffany collection is the ice breaker you need in lighting design. People can’t help to notice the unique style

  • Homemade; All lamps are made by hand

  • Different patterns and colours to match any style

You can now tell that the tiffany range isn’t your standard range of lighting; it’s much more, it’s the key to a unique home.


The very first Tiffany light was created around 1895. Each tiffany lamp and wall light was handmade by skilled craftsmen, not mass- or machine-produced. Its designer was not, as had been thought for over 100 years!

Tiffany's first business venture was an interior design firm in New York, for which he designed stained glass windows.

Tiffany lamps gained popularity after the Worlds Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893, where Tiffany displayed his lamps in a Byzantine-like chapel.

His presentation caught the eye of many people, most notably Wilhelm Bode and Julius Lessing, directors of state museums in Berlin.

Lessing purchased a few pieces to display in the Museum of Decorative Arts, making it the first European museum to own Tiffany glass.

Though Tiffany's work was popular in Germany, other countries, such as France, were not as taken by it because of its relation to American crafts. Tiffany was only able to break into the French market by having the production of his works taken over by Siegfried Bing, with the assistance of many French artists.

Without Bing’s access and contacts in Europe, Tiffany would not have had as much success selling his works to a European audience.

Tiffany’s success throughout Europe was largely due to the success of his works in the German and Austro-Hungarian markets through a series of exhibitions beginning in 1897 at the International Art Exhibition in Dresden.

After the partnership between Tiffany and Bing ended, interest in Tiffany products began to slowly decline in Europe.


Tiffany lights are ideal for any room in your house which includes:

  • Kitchen

  • Bathroom

  • Front room

  • Dining Room

  • Living Room

  • Bed room

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