Here are 8 reasons of why you should switch to LED: 

Less power

Consumption is probably on most peoples minds with good quality LED lamps operating at around 10%-15% of the power of equivalent tungsten lamps. 


By switching to LED spot lights in a typical kitchen, look at the savings. 

8 x 50w GU10 lamps running 6 hours a day, every day. 

Running cost: 

- 8 x 50 / 1000 x 6 x 365 x 0.18 = £157.68 per year. 


Color is a new feature brought by LED. The GU10 spot light range is available as: Warm White (WW), Natural White (NW) & Cool White (CW). WW is equivalent colour ot halogen or tungsten and is suited to use in all rooms.

NW is a whiter light popular for kitchens & bathrooms. CW is near daylight and might be used for the bathroom or over the sink and hob. 


Instant start of our LED lamps overcomes probably the strongest objection to the compact flourescent low energy lighting they replace. Consumer frustration over waiting for the compact fluorescent to ‘warm up’ and achieve adequate brightness means an instant start solution is very welcome. 


Packaging is now strictly regulated under new EU laws and must present complete and unbiased information on the performance of LED lamps, so consumers can make an informed choice. 


LED is on average 30% brighter than the common house hold incandescent light bulb; this means any room will be more lit so you can find your way through the dark easier. LED is not only brighter than the average incandescent light but its heat levels are much lower.


We all hate the noise that comes from fluorescent lamps which makes enjoying a book or watching television that little bit annoying. Fortunately LED are silent; no sounds at all will come from these lamps! so you can enjoy the book you sank into. 

Last longer

Replacing lamps can be a bit of an annoyance as it means a trip to the shop which at night is difficult as most shops are closed but LED lamps last much longer… 30,000 hours to be precise.