WESTLITE GLS A60 B22 (11.8w/100w)

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GLS A60 B22 (11.8w/100w)

High Quality and High Performance Light Bulb from Westlite! 

This is a high performance, reliable and cost effective light. With a 3 year guarantee and a 30,000 hour guildine life, these LED's could save you £134 a year, on lighting your kitchen ALONE! 


Lamp Base: B22

Voltage: AC 50Hz 240v

Energy Ec: 11.8kWh/1000h

Lumen Rating: 1055 lm (WW)

Beam Angle: 160*

Lamp Size: 60mm (Diameter) x 120mm (Length)

Switching Cycles: More than 12500

Not suitable for dimming

Not suitable for accent lighting

Guidline Life: 30,000 hours

Guarantee: 3 years

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