How Lighting Can Completely Transform Your Home

How Lighting Can Completely Transform Your Home

Many people take great joy in decorating their homes, but those who feel they lack the creative spark can enjoy the process by hiring someone to help create something for their homes. However, beauty is subjective, and what pleases one person, may turn another’s stomach.

It’s important to plan for something individual for our tastes and requirements, and once you have decided on decor and furniture, there is then lighting to consider. With so many options to choose from, from funky neon signs and lights to statement chandeliers, how do you decide how to make a difference in your home with lighting?


The priority when it comes to lighting is the practical element. Not only do we need to be able to see where we’re going, and what we’re doing, the electrical element of lighting means it must always be safe.

Taking care to gain an EICR installation report, means that you can be safe in the knowledge that the lighting won’t hurt you. EICR (electrical inspection condition reports) are always a great idea when renovating, or moving into a new property, helping you avoid any potential accidents.

Once you know that your lighting is going to work for you, it can change how you feel about a space. Knowing that you are going to be able to see what you are cooking and read the recipes, bring a sense of comfort to your home.


‘Mood lighting’ has been a buzz word for many years, through people using lighting design to help create an individual feeling. It’s much more than adding some soft lighting in the living room, creating a specific mood with lighting is an art and something that lighting designers take much time deliberating over.

The options for lighting available mean the world is your oyster, but don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles. Just imagine being able to relax in your newly renovated bathroom, having control over some exquisite light fittings to set the mood.


Sometimes lighting can veer away from practicality and have a purely aesthetic purpose. A carefully considered wall mounted light fitting or display can change the mood of the room’s decor with little effort. It can accentuate a room’s potential by choosing a theme or just by being bold with your lighting design.

From neon signs and fairy lights to an incredible chandelier, you can pick anything you like and install it in your home. Why not treat yourself to a large light fitting, the one you thought was a little extravagant? It’s your home so you should light it the way you wish, even if that is a bit unusual.

Never underestimate the difference that the lighting design aspect of home decor can make. A beautifully lit room with lamps and fittings can make you feel happier. It might not be easy to work out how to figure out how to fit lighting into your overall aesthetic, but taking time to design your lighting makes it possible.

Why not take advantage of our lighting design service to make sure your home decor dreams are realised.