Lighting News and Articles

  • 18, October, 2018 12:00:00

      Are You Prepared for the Clocks to go Back?

    Clocks go back 02:00 on Sunday, 28th October! It's that time of year where it gets cold, damp and even worse: DARK! Winter is coming; how are you prepared? With only a few months remaining of the year, it’s time to get all your chores and house work done, only then you can put your feet up for Christmas. The next big event is Halloween… but before that, the clocks go back.What does this mean for you? Well the most important thing is that you get an extra hour in bed! Good times! The bad news - it means it’s ...
  • 18, August, 2018 12:17:42

      Kitchen Island Lighting

    Kitchen Island lighting is your opportunity to make a design statement beyond the colour and design of the kitchen itself.Now in store we have all the latest design for kitchen lighting and we have strengthened our range of island lighting option. The island is one of the few places where you can make a design statement and over island lighting does not need to conform necessarily to other colours or materials in use elsewhere in the kitchen. Normally set at around eye level (standing) careful selection of the lamps to use in the fittings will ensure a minimum of intrusion.
  • 26, October, 2017 01:26:44

      Budget Options

    At Lumination we want to offer something for everyone, and at this time of year money’s tight… perhaps it’s being saved for a rainy day? Or for Christmas? Else some people tend to worry about Brexit… either way Lumination has the solutions for you.We have listened to your feedback (which we are grateful for) and we have now implemented what most of you have requested, more budgeting options.It’s hard to manage money, and when rebuilding, buying propriety or upgrading propriety, more than often people forgot about a key feature… the light fittings; which unfortunately when comes to being remembered ...
  • 24, October, 2017 02:34:23

      What Is the Spotlight Range?

    Introducing Luminations Spotlight range; this is where we feature the ranges you will need to watch. The spotlight range will change based on what the next up and coming lighting fittings and features are. When something is featured you know it is the best of the best! We only hand pick products we have tested and insured ourselves. Basically; you want the featured light! These items are built to last, are designed to span any room, are a talking point and are ideal for you!What we look forQuality, brightness, dubitably just to name a few. But in short, we ...
  • 18, October, 2017 01:19:00

      LED Flood Light

    Led Flood LightingA low-cost solution to brighten outdoors is finally here! Lumination is proud to introduce the LED flood light (by Westlite)! What’s so great? There are many points as why to this, but it’s about time outdoor lighting makes a triumph return as the new king of outdoor lighting approaches.What’s So Great? This is not the first of its kind, but what it is an invention of previous modern products. This out shines in the modern market as it does more than the rest, think of it as the newer model as it’s bigger and better! This light can ...